10 Bizarre Places to Get Married ...

I have been reading a lot of magazines and last week, when I was blogging about the top 10 best places to get married, I had a thought. What about writing about the top 10 bizarre places to get married? Surely, there are some strange people out there who have gotten married in some bizarre places. All “normal” people will find this fun to read. Those thrill-seekers can get some ideas! So, let’s break out the parachute and get ready!

10. Bungee Jumping Facility

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Photo Credit: PatrickSchulte

Yes, this one is popular, yet, it is still bizarre. How about tying the knot before you jump, one hundred and sixty feet in the air? We have seen ceremonies on a platform, with friends and relatives suspended right with them. The guests can be strapped into their chairs with dresses, tuxedos, and the whole nine yards!

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