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7 Party Plan Companies ...

By Alison

Selling via parties has become a really popular way of making some extra cash. In the current climate, many of us are looking to boost our income. If you are outgoing and willing to make the effort to promote yourself and the products, then party plan companies and catalogues offer a great method of doing so. Of course, success is not guaranteed and I’m always annoyed by articles like ‘I made millions selling cosmetics at parties!’. Still, it’s worth considering as a part-time income, especially if you need to work around other commitments. Here are some companies you could consider.

1 Avon

AvonAvon must be the best-known catalogue company in the world! Is there anyone who hasn’t bought from them at some point? With low start-up costs and a well-known name, this has to be one of the best companies to start with – but do check there are not already representatives covering your area.

2 Partylite

PartyliteCandles might not have seemed an obvious product for party plan, but this company is becoming increasingly well-known. Many women love candles, so the chances of repeat custom could be good – after all, candles have a limited life, and if you’re in sales you want your customers to come back again and again!


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3 Pampered Chef

Pampered ChefAnother essential factor for party plan success is a genuine interest in the products you’re selling. It will soon become clear to customers if you’re not, and if you don’t come across as enthusiastic, they will assume that the products aren’t that good! So Pampered Chef could be a good choice for keen cooks, as you actually do a cooking demonstration.

4 Passion Parties

Passion PartiesParties selling adult products are probably second only in popularity to cosmetic parties. The reason why it works so well in this format is that many women are too embarrassed to go into an adult shop, and parties are aimed at having fun with friends. Passion Parties is one of the many companies who offer the chance to have a lingerie/adult toys business.

5 Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Dove Chocolate DiscoveriesPeople will always eat chocolate. Need I say more? And you will LOVE demonstrating the products!

6 Discovery Toys

Discovery ToysPeople will keep having children too, so this could be a good earner, especially near Christmas. If you’re a mum, or you live near schools and playgroups, you could find opportunities to promote your business.

7 Latasia

LatasiaIf jewellry is more your thing, then you might like to consider a company like this. There are plenty selling jewellry, and it’s something that many women enjoy wearing (I wonder why there isn’t a beer party plan company for the guys – business opportunity, anyone?).

Before signing up with any party plan company, do check them out thoroughly. Consider what investment is required, if you can afford to lose the money if it doesn’t work out, and if you have the aptitude for this type of work. I tried it and it wasn’t for me, but you may be the perfect person for the job!

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