10 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Cold Feet ...


10 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Cold Feet ...
10 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Cold Feet ...

Men and women both get the pre-wedding jitters, but each tends to handle it in their own fashion. If you are planning on getting married soon and are a bit scared, then check out my 10 tips on avoiding cold feet listed below. Hopefully these tips will help you to have an enjoyable time planning for your wedding, as well as feeling less stressed by the whole concept.

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Make Wedding Plans in Advance, so You Don’t Worry Later

Make Wedding Plans in Advance, so You Don’t Worry Later Photo Credit: Johny Day

I know not everyone is able to take a year to plan for a wedding. I didn’t have a large wedding, so there wasn’t much planning involved. If you are trying to have the wedding of your dreams, then don’t try to rush things. Be sure to plan out each part well in advance, so that you aren’t stressing later. Having a check list of everything to be accomplished will give you a visual of what has and hasn’t been done.


Ask Friends and Family to Help You out

Ask Friends and Family to Help You out Photo Credit: Five Senses Orkney Scotland

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Friends and family members are there for support for your special day. Doling out the tasks can give you more breathing room and enable you to feel more at ease with your decision to get married. Trying to take on too much at once can cause you to become overwhelmed and get the urge to call the whole thing off.


Look into Some Counseling

Look into Some Counseling Photo Credit: The Advocacy Project

Pre-wedding counselors are available through churches and other social services. Sometimes it’s good to have a third party to bounce your feelings off of. Friends and family members are often too biased and feel compelled to take sides. It’s best to get advice from someone neither you nor your fiancé know. You don’t have to meet with a counselor on a daily basis. It might only take one or two meetings to sooth your jitters.


Talk about Your Feelings with Your Fiancé

Talk about Your Feelings with Your Fiancé Photo Credit: ubiquity_zh

Knowing what your fiancé is feeling can help you to cope with your own. This can also be a good test for the future. If you two aren’t able to successfully communicate before you get married, then you might want to think about how this is supposed to get better later. People do often become more comfortable with one another over time. Try sharing your concerns with your man as soon as possible. You never know, he might have some of the same worries that you do.


Take a Day off

Take a Day off Photo Credit: Jere Judd

Planning the big event can get to be too much. Take a day off every now and then. Don’t engage in any planning at all and take time for yourself. Get a massage, have a manicure or pedicure done, change your hairstyle, or just hang out with the girls. Do anything you can to take your mind off of all that still needs to be done.


Ignore the Statistics

Ignore the Statistics Photo Credit: jcoterhals

Everyone is always stating the horrible statistics printed about marriage and divorce. Even though one out of every five marriages is supposed to end in divorce, this doesn’t mean that you are in immediate danger of setting yourself up for a divorce later. Be happy. Know you’ve made the right decision, that you love the man you are about to marry, and forget what the statistics say. Beat the odds and show everyone it is possible to skew the statistics.


Be Flexible

Be Flexible Photo Credit: Graça Vargas´s flowers

This goes for most aspects of the wedding; flowers, shoe style, hair do, nail polish, etc. I know you want to have everything perfect for your wedding, but try to be at least a little flexible in as much as possible. You will have to give way every now and then and make alterations for at least a few aspects of the wedding. Having multiple options available helps in many situations. For instance, if you want orchids, but your wedding will take place when orchids are hard to come by, then have one or two other types of flowers too choose from.


Try to Remember Why You Decided to Get Married

Try to Remember Why You Decided to Get Married Photo Credit: WayneWho?

Not being able to remember why you are getting married will almost always cause you to get cold feet. Think about your reason or reasons and write them down. Writing your own vows is a great way to get a better hold on your feelings and recall why you decided to tie the knot in the first place. Talk things over with your best friend if needed. Sometimes having the opinion of a friend who has been with you through thick and thin is just the boost you need.


Spend Some Time Together

Spend Some Time Together Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

Planning a wedding can cause a couple to rarely see one another. Take some time to spend together; go out for lunch, stroll through the park one afternoon, or sit quietly side-by-side on a bench and feed the birds. You don’t have to spend the entire day together. An occasional moment without the hubbub of wedding planning going on can be the perfect barrier against cold feet.



Relax Photo Credit: Amelia PS

I think that being able to relax is the number one way to avoid cold feet. If you are capable of taking a deep breath and releasing all the frustration that has been building up, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Getting the pre-wedding jitters is common, but don’t let planning the wedding take over your life. Set aside some relaxation time each day, preferably at the end of the day so you can get a good night’s rest.

I hope you find these tips useful and no longer even fear getting cold feet. Have you already experienced this ‘cold feet’ phenomenon? What did you do to remedy the feeling? Please share any tips you have, so that other women can see if your tips work for them too.

Top Photo Credit: afonso.netto

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