10 Ways to Avoid Awkward Moments on a First Date ...


10 Ways to Avoid Awkward Moments on a First Date ...
10 Ways to Avoid Awkward Moments on a First Date ...

First dates are daunting enough as it is, without having those numerous awkward moments! If you really connect, you are unlikely to have any issues, but there's always the worry about what if such awkward moments creep in. Luckily, help is at hand. Here are my top ten ways to ensure your first date goes on without a hitch!

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Pay Attention! Photo Credit: Jonathan Clay

If he’s taken the time to tell you the name of his sister, his dog, his favorite romantic movie, his mum, his birthday and his best friend, try to remember them! Atleast some of them anyway. Anything you can pick up will make you seem attentive and interested. Getting it wrong, however, or just obviously not listening, will be hugely embarrassing!


Control the Conversation!

Control the Conversation! Photo Credit: *hb19

Don’t bring up anything controversial, and if it happens to come up, be polite and respectful. Save conversations about religion and politics for later! Getting riled up or into an argument on a first date can lead to long awkward silences, or to going home early. It’s much better to save these for later, when your feistiness will be cute rather than scary! Plus later, you'll have the chance to kiss and make up ;)


Plan the Date!

Plan the Date! Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

It wouldn't hurt to think of emergency conversation topics. While, I'd rather avoid the news or anything too serious, it wouldn't hurt to keep yourself updated about what's going on. You never know what piece of news might save your date. Common interests are a great save as well. So do your research to avoid those all awkward silent moments. This will also make you seem selfconfident, interesting and aware which are always good qualities!


Work out Logistics!

Work out Logistics! Photo Credit: Martin Kingsley

Make sure you both know who is paying, how much money to bring, what time you are meeting, where you are meeting etc. It’s okay to decide to pay it all if you feel like it but money is often a controversial issue, and it could cause awkwardness if you don’t know where you stand. Making it clear ensures no horrid silences, or expectations! The rule of the game is, the one who asks the other person out, pays.


Think about Places!

Think about Places! Photo Credit: Brandon Godfrey Work work work!

Avoid Friday and Saturday night dates, where places are likely to be busy and loud, which can lead to difficulty in holding conversations. If you can, also consider where you will be able to sit together, and be comfortable. It doesn't have to bea romantic date, it just has to be cosy. Pick somewhere you feel at home, and conversation will flow much easier than on uncomfortable chairs, shouting across the room!


Make a Joke!

Make a Joke! Photo Credit: WolfBlitz905

If there is a lull in conversation, have afunny joke or a good story to tell. Avoid stories about the ex. It will just give him the idea that you are not over him. If you do something embarrassing, such as trip while walking, joke about how graceful and ladylike you are. He’ll find it funny and cute that you can laugh at yourself and the awkwardness will instantly disappear. It’ll also bring you much closer!


Ask Questions!

Ask Questions! Photo Credit: Captain Camera

People like to talk about themselves, so asking questions is a good way to ensure the conversation doesn’t die. Just make sure you don’t make it sound like a job interview! Ask about his family, pets and job and make conversation about the things he says. Again, controversial topics are a first date must avoid mistake.


Judge the ‘kiss’ Situation!

Judge the ‘kiss’ Situation! Photo Credit: *midtownsky*

Don’t lean in for a kissunless you are sure the other party will respond. Evaluate the night in your head, and see how smitten he looks by the end of it. If it has gone great, a kiss is the perfect end. If it’s been less than perfect, it might be better to avoid the kiss so as to not give false hope...


Don’t Encourage the Wrong Opinion...

Don’t Encourage the Wrong Opinion... Photo Credit: Jueno [ Ricey ]

Don’t invite him in for a coffee. While you might mean coffee, he might expect other things and may try to make advacnes while your not ready and your night will end badly! Keep a mysterious air, and don’t invite him in. The chase is part of the attraction, so don’t give it up immediately!


Don’t Stress about His Call!

Don’t Stress about His Call! Photo Credit: emilycm

However you think the date went, if you did your best and were yourself, it went as well as it could have. Now get on with your life and if he calls, perfect. If not, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and you’ll easily find a better one! And there will be plenty more first dates to fret over, so don't bother about why he didn't call!

First dates are always going to be strange, and a source of great anxiety, but remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end when you make that cracker of a first impression! If you follow these tips, you could soon have be planning a second date, maybe a new man, and at worst, you’ll have a new friend. So, smile, and share your tips for avoiding awkwardness with me!

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

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Hey also, a good thing to say when something happens to you (like tripping, falling, getting hurt, dropping things. ecc.) One thing that you can say is "Karma". I have used that many times and it melts the awkwardness away like ice! exmpl. "Hey." you say. "hey." You trip and fall over. "karma..." you laugh. IT WORKS, TRY IT!

Fantastic tips. Follow these and you'll almost be guaranteed an awesome date (: I get scared when the paying issue comes up too! I'd usually feel generous about paying but if the guy pays then it feels like I owe him. And if we split it, it feels stingy or very causal. = = LOL I read a lot into it.

Thanks for the tips! I especially like the last one---let it go if he doesn't call you! I tend to overanalyze everything if I liked the guy, but sometimes the feeling isn't mutual and you just move on instead of blaming yourself for something. Anyway, great advice---thanks!

These are great. Cracking jokes is easier said than done though hahaha sometimes the jokes don't end up breaking the silence but usually that occurs only when the other person is too nervous or has a bad sense of humor. I like the don't invite him in for coffee tip. What's up with that anyway? Coffee at 11 pm? Get zzz's > couch smoochies. The who is paying ordeal is something I freak out about because I don't mind splitting it but then you never know what to do. Some people take offense to that and others don't want to pay and get annoyed. Ugh so confusing

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