10 Ways to Get a Prom Date ...


10 Ways to Get a Prom Date ...
10 Ways to Get a Prom Date ...

Prom season is just around the corner, and while you might have the perfect dress, maybe you haven't gotten your date yet! Well, why not do it now? Here are some ideas on how to ask someone for a date to the prom... these would work just as well for a guy as they would a girl!

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A Stuffed Animal

A Stuffed Animal Photo Credit: Sofia Katariina

Giving your potential prom date a stuffed animal with a poem or song attached to the collar is a good idea. If you love singing and you know you are good at it, then you could even put a recording of you in there singing a song. Tell your potential date that you would love to dance with them at the prom to that song.


Mmm... Cookies!

Mmm... Cookies! Photo Credit: syusko

You probably know what his/her favorite baked good is. If your potential date cannot get enough peanut butter cookies or some other sweet, then bake it for them! Package it with something that has a prom theme. Make cutout dresses or tuxedos for the wrapping. Don’t forget to include that special note in there…


Gumballs, Anyone?

Gumballs, Anyone? Photo Credit: JKönig

Do you know those cheap, plastic gumball machines? Yeah, you can find those anywhere. Obviously, try to find toys that you think your potential date would like. Buy several of them to put in a bag. Before you put them in the bag, pop open those plastic bubbles and put some notes with reasons as to why they should go to the prom with you. I think this one is cute.


Send an E-mail

Send an E-mail Photo Credit: S Migol

Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t you just send the potential prom date an e-mail? I think that would be a great idea. That is what I would do if I had to ask someone to the prom. This way, you do not have to say it out loud and you can rehearse how you write it before you send it.


Serenade Them

Serenade Them Photo Credit: ~Amy Grace~

If you know you can sing good and you are comfortable with singing, then write a song asking your potential date to the prom. If you have friends that are in a band or you are in a band, then ask for their help. If you plan on doing this in his or her home, speak with your potential date’s parents before you do that.


Make a Big Lawn Banner

Make a Big Lawn Banner Photo Credit: JennKstep

In order to ask your potential date to the prom, why don’t you put a big lawn banner on their front lawn? Again, make sure you get the parent’s permission first, because you do not want to be embarrassed as you explain it to the police. You do not want to get caught lurking in the yard in the middle of the night. This could completely ruin your chance of getting to ask them.


Do It Now!

Do It Now! Photo Credit: ckaiserca

The worst thing you could do would be to ask your potential date to the prom at the last minute. By then, chances are, they probably already have a date to the prom. Ask early so that you do not lose your chance.


Ask in Private

Ask in Private Photo Credit: Susannah B

It would be a good idea if you ask in private. Unless you are sure he or she is interested in you. You do not want to stand the chance of being humiliated in public in front of your friends when they say no.


Make Sure the Method is Comfortable

Make Sure the Method is Comfortable Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

However you decide to ask him or her to the prom, make sure the method you choose is going to be comfortable. If you feel awkward, then the date will pick up on this right away. We all like someone who has confidence.


Don’t Be Overly Confident

Don’t Be Overly Confident Photo Credit: design d15

Sure, let your confidence shine through, but you should not be overly confident. No one wants someone who is too confident. Try to be just a little humble and they will be bound to take you seriously.

There are many ways for you to ask someone to the prom. Sometimes, the best way would be to walk up to them and just ask them. Then again, maybe you want to be a little bit inventive. The 10 ways I included in my list are the inventive ways. What about you, how did you ask your date to the prom? How did you get asked?

Top wPhoto Credit: ::cyndi::

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I don't think it's a good idea to ask them out through e-mail. It's not very romantic and it's impersonal.

I like this guy and my friend is one of his closer friends (not that im not his friend) and prom isnt for until june 4, about 1 month, but he told my friend that he liked me and two other girls, ofcourse i wish he would choose me to ask but then again, he is closer to one of the other girls. It would just be awkward if i asked him or gave him something because there are the other girls, what should i do to be more of a close friend?

I'm a guy by the way prom isn't till June 4 but I still haven't decide who to ask most of my friends that are girls have boyfriends so hard to ask them and no one else there is someone I would want to go out with not because of there look but because of there attitude. So if anyone have any advice pass it on thanks

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