10 Tips for High School Dating ...


10 Tips for High School Dating ...
10 Tips for High School Dating ...

High school dating may just be “school yard dating,” but it is still a big part of a person’s life. The relationships you have in high school are going to come and go like you have never saw before. However, just like me, you may have that one high school boy that stuck with you (mine has been married to me for 7 years now). Below, I am going to give you 10 tips for high school dating…

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Develop Your Own Personality

Develop Your Own Personality Photo Credit: holly.skye

If you are not able to develop your own personality, then you are not going to be as attractive. If you have no personality of your own, no hobby and noconfidence, then you are not going to be very attractive to the opposite sex. If you get involved with your own stuff and have your own personality, then you are definitely going to draw attention to yourself.


Pick Someone That You Have Something in Common with

Pick Someone That You Have Something in Common with Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

If you are a member in the key club, yet you are interested in a slacker, you may have conflicted interests and he/she may bring you down. If you love social interventions and you date a loner, then you may have problems. Therefore, you should find someone that you can relate to both mentally and socially.


Don’t Think You Can Change a Person

Don’t Think You Can Change a Person Photo Credit: [aktrisa Anya]

If the girl you like is known asa cheater or the guy you like is not so angelic, then don’t go thinking you can break that mold. Nothing is worse when you should have seen it coming because old habits die hard.


Do Not Let Your Guard down

Do Not Let Your Guard down Photo Credit: miriness

I know, in high school, you can have some trusting relationships, but you should never let your guard down. When you are at a party, don’t leave your drink unattended. You do not want to leave yourself open to be date raped.


Always Include Your Parents

Always Include Your Parents Photo Credit: Samuli Ikäheimo

I know, as a teenager, you do not want to include your parents. You may even think of your parents as monsters, but trust me, they are only trying to help you and do what is right for you. You will understand this when you get older. Let the parents meet the person you are dating.


Don’t Ignore Your Friends

Don’t Ignore Your Friends Photo Credit: amy.spanos

When you get in a relationship in school, you may feel like that boy or girl is the only one you care about. However, you should not alienate your friends, you should keep them close to you just like you always did.


Give the Other Person Space

Give the Other Person Space Photo Credit: amazon2008

In a relationship, no one wants to be smothered. You should givethe boyfriendor girlfriend some space. If he does not want to go out with you on Friday night and wants to go out with friends instead, then don’t blame it on the fact that he does not like you. Maybe he just wants to spend some time with his friends.


Don’t Let the Relationship Get the Best of You

By this, I mean that you should be able to balance your school work with your relationship. Your parents do not send you to school to learn about boys or to learn about girls. They sent you to school to get an education, so make sure you are getting one. Study hard and don't let the relationship distract you! There’s nothing better than being in a good relationship and getting good grades.


Avoid the Gossip

Avoid the Gossip Photo Credit: netmen.

You may not be able to avoid your friends and there’s no reason that you should, but you should avoid the middle person that love to interfere (they call it help) and make problems worse. High school is full of drama and rumors and that is why some relationships do not last. They getsucked into arguments that are caused by something a friend might have seen.


Talking about Sex…

You need to read my recent blog posting onteenage sex. I’m not against it, but I do think that you need to think it through and if you do it in every relationship, you will be labeled as easy. You do not need to go through high school labeled as “easy,” because then you will get all of those boys that are looking for easy girls.

With all of that in mind, I wish that every single one of you will have a successful relationship in high school. I know, this is not going to come true for some of you, but believe it or not, high school sweethearts can get married. Are you in high school now? Do you remember your first boyfriend?

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I am in high school now, and I was new to the state when I started freshman year (I am going on to senior year now). I had made a few guy friends, and had been very shy. After MUCH force from mutual friends- we were both equally as shy- he asked me out. We dated for almost a year, but it was NEVER like a relationship. We said 'I Love You' and hung out, but it was always akward and we didn't know what to do really. There was no real communication and it was constantly platonic. In fact, it took 11 months for our first kiss to happen. 8 months after breaking up with him, and starting fresh as a new junior, I started talking to one of my old classmates who constantly flirted with me, and I always talked to during movies in class, and it turned out to be my best relationship. We dated for about 7 months and we're still best friends, trying again. We communicate better than anyone I know, he never judges me, we give eachother plenty of space, and it's such a natural and healthy relationship. This summer we're going to stay single, even though we love eachother to pieces, and see how everything works out in the end of the summer.

hello, im going to be a freshman but i have a hard time with guys.. they all go for my cousin and/or sister. im pretty i would say but not drop dead gorgeous im kinda prude and dont want to be i know dont do something our not comfortable with but who wants to be the only person that hasnt made out with a guy yet in HIGH SCHOOL. i have a hard time liking someone like why am i going out with them? but when i do like that someone i go crazy i also want to stop bein so stalkerish and be able to trust... everyone has those boyfriends in high school and they are all cute together and i want that and when i start really liking that guy they to someone else so im constantly getting my heart torn you know.. please help me? -anonymous

Dear melonie I have a lot of your blogs and do you know what... I am starting to look up to u. I am the oldest on my family (including cousins) and don't have any one to talk to about these things. I have written a comment on reasons not to break up with your boyfriend (only because I thought you only did one! How silly of me) but anyway. I really need you to reply to it and soon I really like this guy that I don't know but I do know? I'll explain it there. Just please reply Luv ya babe Xxxx

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