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Keeping the romance alive is what it is all about. Today, the Internet has some things that will help you keep the romance up and running. These tips can be used with those that are in online/long distance relationships. However, you can also use them if the two of you are living in the same room. Continue below as I am going to show you 7 online romance tips that you may be in need of …

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Send Cute Email

Image source: suninhereyes.tumblr.com

To this day, my husband and I still do this. Sure, we may be in the same room, but nothing beats being able to send and receive cute emails. I have known some other people who do this as well.


Make a Page Dedicated to Your Partner

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This is a great idea. If you can get a domain just for them and dedicate it to them, then I am sure they would love it. On this page, be sure to include recollections of past times together. Some people do this to ask their partner to marry them.


Make a Powerpoint

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If your partner uses Powerpoint in their job each day, why not make a Powerpoint slide showing how cool your partner is.


Online Sign Generators

Online Sign Generators Image source: addletters.com

There are some online sign generators that will allow you to tell the world just how much you love your partner. Take a look at this site as an example: addletters.com When you create it, make sure you send it to your partner.


Watch Movies Together on the Computer

Image source: maarcelosouza.tumblr.com

Today, the technology is constantly increasing. Even though there may be some distance, the two of you can still watch movies together on the computer. If the two of you are in the same home, then that makes it even more easier. There’s many sites that stream these movies for a small fee. Some do it free, but it’s not exactly legal. Plus, you have Netflix, which will allow you to watch streaming movies.


Instant Messaging

Image source: skittlezaddict.tumblr.com

With instant messages, I believe you will be able to keep the communication alive. When the two of you are talking over instant messenger, you may find it much easier to talk about certain things. I know I sure do.


Talk over the Webcam

Talk over the Webcam Image source: lucyvanpeltinthesky.tumblr.com

The webcam is a definite ingredient for romance, especially if you are not in the same room. It is always nice to be able to see the individual as if they are right in front of you.

Those are 7 online romance tips that you may be in need of. Surely, there are other ideas that you can use in order to keep the relationship going strong. I have listed ideas that interest me and we all have different opinions. Therefore, you must have some other ideas in your mind. Would you mind sharing them with us?

Top image source: lucyvanpeltinthesky.tumblr.com

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