Top 8 Dating Complaints from Women ...


Top 8 Dating Complaints from Women ...
Top 8 Dating Complaints from Women ...

Oh yes, women have dating complaints, just like men. That doesn’t mean that we are selfish or whatever. Some of the complaints women make are actually legit. Guys, if I offend any of you, I’m sorry – I am not here to bash anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, but sometimes, things just have to be said. Right now, I am going to give you the top 8 dating complaints that I have heard. Take note, these are not my complaints and I will include my opinion in with these complains …

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He Didn’t Pay

He Didn’t Pay Photo Credit: Gnerk

“I went on a date with the last guy and he didn’t even pay for the date. He left the ticket all on me!” (To be honest, I don’t mind paying for the date. I think sometimes, the girl needs to pitch in and help too, However, I noticed this was a big dating complaint.)


He Was Late

He Was Late Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

“There I was, sitting in the diner all by myself. I waited for him for almost an hour before he finally walked through the doors. He KNEW he was supposed to be there at 7:00, yet something else was more important than our date.” (Guys, all I have to say is that there better be a good excuse for this one or she may not let you down.)


Flirts with Others

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“As if I were not there, he kept flirting with the waitress at our table. It made me nauseous to watch them do this in front of me.” (Guys, flirting while you’re dating is a big no. There’s no excuse.)


Talks about His Ex

Talks about His Ex Photo Credit: dhammza

“The name of her ex seemed to of came up every five minutes. It’s almost as if he isn’t over her.” (Guys, when you’re on a date, try not to even mention your ex. When you are constantly mentioning your ex girlfriend, it is not a turn on. It makes it seem like you are still hung up on her and that’s not dating material.)


A Gamer

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“Okay, so we were at dinner and all he could talk about is how his Priest is level 80. Seriously, does he ever get away from it?” (I like when my husband talks about games, because I can relate. However, while you’re on a date, you may want to leave the games at home or you may end up being complained about.)


The Way He Eats

Photo Credit: myveggiekitchen

“When he was eating, he ate like a pig. Most of the food either ended up on his shirt, the table or the floor.” (Guys sometimes do this.)



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“Every time we were in the middle of a conversation, his phone would ring. As if our conversation was not important, he would answer it and talk on the phone.” (Maybe he’s a business guy? Women do this one too. Perhaps you could ask him to turn the phone off while you’re on your date.)


Cut the Date Short

Cut the Date Short Photo Credit: nik_clayer

“Out of nowhere, he decided that the date was over. I know, a date has no amount of time that it has to last, but the date only lasted for 30 minutes.” (If he does this, then he may not be into you.) There you have top 8 dating complaints from women. Of course, you may have different dating complaints than this. We all have different opinions and I would love to hear what one of your dating complaints was! What was the worst dating complaint you ever heard? Something on this list?

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I not against women paying for the date but FIRST date???? ........ If the guy wants me to pay for it, I'll probably just walk away

I don't mind paying for a date either, but I do think the first few dates should be on him.

This one applies to when you've been dating a while, or maybe not.. but when you're on a group date and he pays more attention to everyone else but you! I think it's fine when they're being social, but I'd still like some attention, even if it's just rubbing your thumb on my hand or leg to show you're still aware I'm right next to you.

What about guys who keep on talking about themselves without bothering to ask anything about their date?

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