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Women love to receive compliments and we all know this one, but believe it or not, there are many guys that also enjoy receiving compliments. So, it would not hurt to toss some well deserved compliments to the man in your life from time to time. Let me give you the top 7 best compliments for men in my opinion …

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His Clothes

“Wow, I really like your style. You have a good sense of style.” I believe many women enjoy hearing how much a woman enjoys the clothes they wear. If this is a boyfriend or husband, try “You look sexy in those clothes! You are really turning me on right now.”


Their Nice Car

“Wow, I love your car. How much horsepower does it have?” Yes, this is definitely a comment that men enjoy to hear. This is also a good conversation starter. If you’re like me and know a bit about what is under that hood, you will grab the man with this compliment.


Comment on the Way They Cook

“Do you know something? I really enjoy the food you have cooked. It’s really delicious. I mean, I have not tasted steak this good anywhere before.” Yes, guys can cook good food and they appreciate hearing that the food they cook is good just as much as you do.



“You are really good at that game you are playing!” “I think you did good at football practice today.” If the guy is good at video games, then tell him – if he is good at sports he plays, then tell him. Guys love hearing this – it means you are paying attention to them.


His Smile/Laugh

“I really enjoy the way you smile. It really brightens my day.” When I tell my husband this, just saying it (and meaning it) seems to make that smile even bigger. He likes it when he makes me happy. So surely, a guy in your life would not mind hearing it.


About Being Smart

“You really fixed that problem quick. You are pretty gosh darn smart! I would have never figured it out. I mean, I would have, but it would have taken me hours and here you are only taking a couple of minutes.” Yes, guys enjoy hearing from time to time just how smart they really are.


What a Hard Worker He is

“I am very proud of you. You do such hard work. You do everything you can to make sure you put food on the table and clothes on our back.” When a guy works hard, they definitely deserve this type of compliment. If a guy you know is a hard worker, make sure you compliment him.

Those are the top 7 best compliments for men in my opinion. Of course, if you are close to the guy (sexually), you could toss some sexual compliments his way, which are well deserved. So, in your opinion, what compliment do you think guys enjoy hearing the most (besides how good they are in bed)?

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Sweet... adding this to my hook a man list

Just say "you are pretty good at...(anything they are involved at the time)"

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