7 Weird Things I Notice on Guys ...

Some guys fascinate you with their physique, some have a certain aura of attraction floating around them and some rely on their bubbly personality. Similar to this, some girls notice looks first and ask questions later, while others tune their radars to scan for those little signs that label him either dateable or un-dateable. I, for example, notice some pretty weird things. How weird? Well, I can’t say for sure so do check out my list and you tell me…

1. Legs

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I like that Vin Diesel, I-can-bench-press-my own-weight kind of guys, but a strong, muscular torso just has to be in balance with his lower body. It’s kind of a Libra thing, I guess – balance, perfection and all. Unfortunately, a lot of guys just forget to pay attention to their legs too, so we get a very weird looking combination of Vin Diesel and Woody Allen. So not attractive! I also hate the so-called chicken legs, as well as short, stubby ones. That’s what’s so great about summer – you can always check out the whole package before making any decisions you’ll regret later on.

2. Nails

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A long pinky fingernail is a definite turn off, at least for me! I know guitar players usually have long nails on some fingers, but still, I don’t see this as attractive. Come on guys, you have those plastic thingies for that! But okay, let’s skip the musicians for now and say they do have a certain excuse to grow their nails. What about guys who don’t even play any instruments? Why do they grow their pinky nail? Well, let me tell you, although I bet you already know – so they can pick their noses and ears easily. Gross!

3. Manners

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I’m an old-fashioned kind of gal and I like to be treated as a lady. I like guys who open doors, offer to pay the bill even if they know I’ll insist on taking care of that myself and respect my family and friends regardless of what they think of them. My fiancé, for example, is the nicest, most well-mannered man I’ve ever had the chance to meet. He opens the door for me, does the ordering when we go out, insists on carrying the bags when we go shopping, when we’re dinning out with friends he doesn’t start eating until everybody’s food is served and he would never refill his own glass, for example, without refilling mine too. Too damn nice? Not for me! I’d say, just perfect!

4. Type of Compliments He Gives

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I, of course, feel great when I get complimented on my looks but hearing those types of compliments over and over again always tells me that a guy in question is not quite interested in what I have to say. Yes, I am pretty, my dress is nice and I wouldn’t have worn it if it wasn’t a perfect fit. I really appreciate him noticing how much I’ve tried to look nice, but it’s not something you have to mention every five minutes and I definitely don’t want you to send me a text message after our date, explaining how gorgeous, hot or whatnot I am. Seriously, why did I even bother to talk if you didn't hear a word I said?

5. Facial Expression

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Bad-boy looks can make my heart skip a beat, just as long as it doesn’t go with the bad-boy attitude. I guess a lot of girls love this stone cold, kind of dangerous facial expression. After all, men in uniforms have been the most desirable dating candidates since like forever. Just the thought of him all strong and inaccessible for everyone but you is a real turn on, at least for me.

6. Jewelry

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I absolutely hate massive chains, bracelets and flashy wrist watches! Waaay too sparkly for me, plus it usually means the guy is a showoff. You know, the whole, “Girl, you want to hang out with me, check out my Rolex and check out my bling” style. Yuck! Tacky and sooo irritating. Of course, it doesn’t mean all guys who wear a lot of bling are showoffs, but it’s just doesn’t work for me. Exaggerating like that is not my style and I’d never go for a person who likes all that.

7. Shoes

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LOL! Here I go again about the legs, you’ll probably think I have a fetish or something. Nope, nothing of that sort, but I always check if the guy’s shoes are clean. If you get all dressed up, you’ll probably remember to clean your shoes too – isn’t that logical? Well, that’s exactly what I have on my mind, so dirty shoes tell me the guy is not as neat and detail oriented as he’s trying to make himself appear. You may ask, “But, what if the shoes were clean when he put them on and got dirty on the way?” Well, I can just tell old-dirty from new-dirty, and old-dirty always makes me hear that little voice inside my head warning me that he’s entitled to two dates max and if his shoes remain dirty, that’s probably not the only thing we will disagree on later.

LOL! How weird is that! Sometimes I think I’m being too harsh. But, I’m sure you have your own little things to share too, so tell me about your quirks. What does a guy need to do and how must he look in order to be approved “dateable”?

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