8 Complaints Men Have about Dating Women ...


8 Complaints Men Have about Dating Women ...
8 Complaints Men Have about Dating Women ...

I have 8 guy friends that I talked to (I used some of my husband's friends) in order to get 8 complaints men have about dating women. For the sake of them, I am not going to include their names anywhere in here. This blog is the real thing – from real people. I am going to give you 8 complaints men have about dating women …

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Very Loud

Very Loud Photo Credit: Bruce Charles

“When I took the girl out on our first date, I noticed something in her that I did not like. I did not like how she was very loud. This took away from her sex appeal. She had a loud, booming voice, which took away the femininity. She reminded me of some of my loud guy friends.”


The clamor was not just in her voice, but in her laughter too. It echoed through the restaurant, drawing stares from other patrons. I felt as though we were on stage, not on a date. I appreciate a woman who can express joy freely, but there's a delicate balance between being vivacious and being overwhelming. Her loud presence overshadowed the subtle romantic ambiance I was aiming for, and it was hard to feel any chemistry over the decibel level of our conversation. Could this just be nerves, or is it a permanent feature? That's something to ponder before asking her out again.


Woman is Too Bossy

Woman is Too Bossy Photo Credit: charamelody

“I hate when a woman acts as if she owns me. I remember my second girlfriend. I regretted her moving in with me. The moment she moved in with me, even though I was paying the bills, it was as if it were her house. She even took away my video games as if I am some kid.”


Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Photo Credit: catklein

“There we were, sitting there in the middle of our dinner when she started talking about her menstrual cycle! Okay, am I the only guy that found this one a bit odd? I am all for being open with one another, but do I really need to hear about the menstrual cycle as I am eating?”


Princess Syndrome

Princess Syndrome Photo Credit: Olivia Williams Photography

“I have had girlfriends before who had what I like to call princess syndrome. The girl was so demanding and she was just hard work. Needless to say, she was not worth the trouble.”


Excessive Flirt

Excessive Flirt Photo Credit: KMurphyDesigns

“So, I’m sitting there with my girlfriend and she has to go to the bathroom. On the way from the bathroom, I hear her laughing loudly and notice her with another guy. Not only was she laughing with him, but she was practically all over him! I couldn’t believe she would do that to me. I never flirted with another girl while in a relationship, but here she was, doing it to me.”


Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker Photo Credit: [Charlotte]thePhilosopher

“Oh yes, I remember this one time when I had a girlfriend who always had to be the center of attention, no matter where she was. She always wore inappropriate clothing just so she could stand out.”


Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter Photo Credit: ilikegranola.com

“I had a girlfriend that was obsessed with counting calories! I mean, come on, I love a woman that enjoys her food! A girl who counts every calorie is just annoying.”


Being Fake

Being Fake Photo Credit: LillyWild

“I do not like it when a girl is fake. I hate when a girl pretends to be something she isn’t. I have had my share of experience with fake girls. Oh and while I am on the topic of fake girls, I hate when they have plastic surgery. It’s just … fake.”

Those are 8 complaints men have about dating women. Each one of these is in quotations, because this is what the guy said. Feel free to comment and maybe the guy will come and comment back! So, do you have any horrible dating experiences you would like to share?

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I so know how these guys felt i know girls like that and it irritates me so much to see them do that. i especially hate fake girls also come on your not impressing any one if a girl says she loves sprots just because the guy loves sports you should ask her who here favorite player is in her favorite team and if she answers right either she did her reasearch or she really like sports ha ha

I have to say though, if I'm dating a guy for a while and we're comfortable with each other, I'll have no problem saying something like "I've got cramps.. I'm on my period" just out of the blue. I would NEVER say it in the middle of a meal though.

i am a girl and i agree with those guys. it has to be a real deal breaker to chit-chat about the menstrual cycle in the middle of dinner and i can't stand either the princess syndrome, on anyone, male or female. nice list, i'll do some self-evaluation to check if i'm not commiting these crimes C:

I don't find myself an attention seeker when I wear weird clothes. I mean, I wear clothes that are pink and black with thick eyeliner and I tend to look like a punk and emo. But that's just my style! ):

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