8 Things I Wish I'd Always Known about Men ...

Men are a complicated species. Whenever it feels like I’ve finally started to understand them, they change the rules! There are some things that never change, though, and after a recent sleepover with my friends, I’ve been thinking about exactly what I wish I’d always known about men. Here are my top eight!

1. Jealous? Us?

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50 percent of men admit to having read their girlfriends texts, emails or letters, and 25 percent say they never told their girlfriend that they did it. Which kind of contradicts the “I-don’t-get-jealous” attitude most men like to display! A friend of mine decided to see if she could make her boyfriend jealous, and even dancing with other men and accepting drinks from groups of men didn’t seem to work, which made her question if he loves her at all. I know I’ve felt that too, so its good to know that men are just a lot more subtle with their jealousy! (Although I don’t condone reading other peoples texts/emails/letters, as it breaches trust and respect, and most of the time it isn’t worth the fall out afterwards).

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