7 Reasons Why Girls Love Bad Boys ...


7 Reasons Why Girls Love Bad Boys ...
7 Reasons Why Girls Love Bad Boys ...

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush Photo Credit: gynti_46

Hey, aren’t they an adrenaline rush? If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you know what I am talking about with this.

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Excitement Photo Credit: mas160

Yeah, I have to admit, they are pretty exciting and one of the reasons why girls love bad boys is for the excitement that they bring in their life. You never know what they’re going to do.


Turn on

I think that one of the reasons as to why girls love bad boys is because they are a turn on. They are a turn on for all of the reasons that I am listing here.



Protection Photo Credit: IlanBresler

You have to admit, they would offer a lot more protection than a good boy would. Perhaps this is because they act as if they are not afraid of anything?


Bad Boys do Not Commit

If you do not want a commitment, then you’d be glad to know that a lot of bad boys do not commit. They are not in the relationship for commitment. However, could you imagine how it would feel if you were the one that he actually fell for? He walked over all those other girls in the past, didn’t care, but with you, things were different. Hey, there’s always wishful thinking!


Bad Boys Are Confident

Bad Boys Are Confident Photo Credit: caitie.chapman

I do not know if you noticed this or not, but I find that bad boys are more confident. Of course, sometimes, they can be too confident. However, if you find the one with just the right amount of confidence, it’s actually sexy.


Bad Boys Can Turn Good

I think that a big reasons as to why girls fall in love with bad boys is because they think they can change them into a good boy. With a little bit of love, care and compassion, they think they can turn them into a good boy and you know that girls are always up for a challenge.

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I don't know what it is about bad boys but I have always been attracted to them. I am currently dating one and I love it. Bad ass guys usually have a really sweet and sensitive side you just have to dig deep enough and learn more about him to get to see that side. My boyfriend will act super tough and tear shit up when he's in public but then when we are alone together he turns into the guy I'm falling in love with.. and he says he's falling for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :]

The picture for reason number made me laugh. So many 'thugs' are just normal guys trying to look tough. Mr. I'm-a-badass-thug wrote those letters on with metalic pen LMAO. Real bad boys get tattoos, not stuff they can wash off before their mother sees it.

This is why guys run around acting like monkeys and why the prison rate is so high. Girls set a standard for guys, they strive to be that-and this is what happens. I'm a proffesional fighter. I do it because I love the art of combat and it's what I thrive off, I love putting people to sleep, I don't care if girls like me or not and I don't go around trying to act hard to start trouble, I save it for the cage and let my twenty plus years of hard work take care of itself. But this kinda attitude is producing a bunch of wannabe gangster tough guys that run their mouth and beg for mercy as soon as they get punched in the face just once. It was kinda always like that-but lately(and i owe it to this kinda stuff)-the cockiness has gotten unbearable these days. I understand you want a guy that can protect you or provides you with some excitement and not some cheerio bred plain jane guy that sits on the couch all day-but don't put it out there and make it a trend. This isn't a game or a joke. Guys get seriously hurt or killed over this. Guys that ain't built or made for this but are trying to cuz of you.

Though I haven't fell for a bad guy but after reading this I may give it a second thoght! It sounds they are really interesting. I wish I was not married to a normal guy.

Oops number 2 I meant.

It all depends what makes them "bad". If they are bad because they get in trouble with the law, I would definitely stay away from that kind...if bad means "pretending" to look and sound tough, it also might be a way to mask their true shyness or insecurity. I have been told that nerdy guys make the best husbands.

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