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7 Older Men I Adore ...

By Lyndsie

I've never really been into the whole older guy thing, in that I haven't ever dated anyone significantly older than myself. That being said, there are some older men out there that I absolutely adore. Most of them are actors, but there are also some musicians that do it for me. Also, let me say that I'm 20something, but less than 30, so there's your marker for what counts as older! Anyway, here's a little list I compiled. Let's see if we have any of these guys in common!

1 Anthony Hopkins

I am so crazy about Anthony Hopkins. You don't even know. I won't get into TMI details because I'm nice like that, but if he would talk like Hannibal Lecter to me, I would go out with him tomorrow. No matter how old he gets, he remains suave and cool, and there is something about him, his bearing, his demeanor, that is just so sexy I cannot even stand it.

2 Colin Firth

I'm … seriously into British guys – as you will see. Colin Firth is like my Kryptonite. I am seriously in love with this man. I love that he almost always plays conservative characters with dry senses of humor. His turns as Darcy characters – both the inestimable Mr. Darcy and Mark Darcy – are my absolute favorites, although his recent performance in A Single Man is fast becoming one of my favorites.

3 Dustin Hoffman

I don't know what it is about Dustin Hoffman, but I've thought he was adorable since I first saw The Graduate. He even made me root for Captain Hook instead of Peter Pan. I love that he's having something of a comeback, what with Last Chance Harvey and, of course, The Little Fockers – which is hella funny, by the by.

4 Billy Joel

There is not a single Billy Joel song that I do not love. I am even guilty of having a crush on the man himself. It started back when he still had hair and tended to wear it curly. I am such a fan of his music, there are still certain songs that can instantly lift my mood – or make me cry.

5 Hugh Laurie

Oh, I would have Hugh Laurie's babies tomorrow if he'd let me. Are you reading, Hugh? Hi! I love him as more than just House. I love all his work on Blackadder, his movie work – even his role in Annie Lennox's video for “Walking on Broken Glass.” But yeah, okay, House is my absolute favorite!

6 Ian McKellan

Sir Ian McKellan is amazing. Yes, as Gandalf, he is hands down full of awesome sauce, but sometimes people seem to forget that he's been around for way longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That being said, I am so excited that he's confirmed for The Hobbit! He is such a great person all around, including his charitable efforts, and I'm sorry, I think he's still pretty hot.

7 Alan Rickman

Notice how many Brits there are on this thing? I only just realized how full to the brim it was of British blokes! But come on, I can't leave off Alan. I love literally every movie he's ever been in, from Dogma to Robin Hood to Harry Potter – and beyond.

And there's my list, although I am sure I've forgotten a few guys – like Tommy Lee Jones, I don't even know why. That southern accent, I think. Are there any older men you're crazy about?

Top Photo Credit: Robb Wilson

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