7 Things Men Crave ...


7 Things Men Crave ...
7 Things Men Crave ...

Being the only female in a house full of males, I know of many things guys crave and they don’t all have to do with food. When I think of the word ‘crave’ I immediately think of things like chocolate covered cherries, dipping ginger snaps in melted chocolate, or just chocolate in general…all kinds! Having a husband and raising two teenage boys has opened my eyes to a new world of cravings, from a male point of view. Here are 7 things men crave, at least in this household.

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Sports Photo Credit: Pixelklinik

It doesn’t matter if the sporting event is on television or at the boys’ high school; both seem to bring up the level of testosterone in males. I’ve noticed that this isn’t only with the males living in this household, but a majority of the men in general. They seem to thrive on the roughness seen in many contact sports. I’ve seen men sitting next to me with a wild look in their eyes as they watch a heated play in a football game.


Action Movies

Action Movies Photo Credit: ChristopherTaylor

I have to admit, I do like a good action flick every now and then, but I also like to watch comedies and the occasional romance too. My husband and sons live off of action movies. The more explosions and shooting there is, the better; in their eyes. If they had their way, I’m sure action movies would be the only type watched. My husband used to work in special effects, so I’m sure some of his infatuation with action movies stems from being the one who once initiated the explosions in movies many years ago.


Soda Pop

Soda Pop Photo Credit: Steve Hopson

Whether it’s called soda, pop, cola, or soda pop, it is preferred over water by my husband and one son. Many of the men I know will choose soda over juice, milk, or water. I’m not sure if it’s the high fructose corn syrup that has them hooked or the fact that they can have some excellent belching contests when drinking carbonated beverages. This seems to be a favorite past time for my boys and their friends. Thankfully, they usually take this bonding activity outside and I don’t have to listen to the chorus of belches.


Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa Photo Credit: mmmfruit

I can’t count how many times a bag of chips has been annihilated before I am able to unpack the rest of the groceries. Salsa and chips always make their way to the shopping list and there needs to be more than one reserve jar of salsa in the pantry at all times. I have to hide bags of chips in order to keep them from disappearing all in the same day. It’s a rationing system I’ve had to develop. If I don’t slowly dole out the bags of chips and jars of salsa, I’d end up purchasing a lot more of these than I already do!


Fast Cars

Fast Cars Photo Credit: Auto Exposure Canada

I guess I should say cars in general are craved by men. They don’t necessarily have to go fast to attract their attention, though these generally are the type that get noticed the quickest. I’m sure this is why a good chase scene is often a must in a successful action film. Oh, besides being fast, it helps if they are also a bit noisy. For some reason guys love having big, noisy vehicles. I’ve always been embarrassed by my car when it makes loud noises. I guess it all depends on which part of the car the noise is coming from.


Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Photo Credit: jennyray1

My husband loses all train of thought when he gets around construction vehicles and other large work machinery. Dump trucks, cranes, fork lifts, hydraulic excavators with telescopic booms; you name it. The more working parts there are and the larger the machine, the better. I’m sure this is why most construction workers are men. Not only are they physically better built for such work, but they enjoy being surrounded by this type of machinery.



Attention Photo Credit: dennoir

Who doesn’t like attention? I’m sure there are a few people who would rather be left alone, but for the most part the majority of the world’s population seems to enjoy being noticed. I’m constantly surrounded by males trying to make me laugh. My husband has a very comedic side that he uses on a daily basis and our boys are just a couple of clowns naturally. It seems that most famous comedians are men and the kids who get in trouble at school for cutting-up in class are also guys. This sure makes it seem like guys crave attention!

This list of 7 things men crave was fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed compiling it! If you have guys close to you, I bet you’ll watch to see if they show an extreme interest in some of the things I mentioned above. Are there any weird things that you have noticed men craving?

Top Photo Credit: *Kicki*

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You missed women, particularly one woman, and sex, romance, and love. Construction equipment and cars fall under Tools, as not all men are attracted to these items, and some are attracted to more than just cars and equipment. Chips and salsa and soda fall under Food, which should not be confused with beer or wine or apertifs or coffee or tea - Things to drink. Men often crave more than chips, salsa, and soda. Sports is wide ranging and fall under Games. Attention is Affirmations. I am a red blooded male so I thought to let you know.

PORN give em a good porn clip and they are hooked for hours so make sure there arent any of those sbout!

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