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7 Things Its Okay to do around Guys

By Melanie

Sometimes, girls are under the impression that she should not do certain things around guys. Who said that it is not okay to do those things? Mind you, you should only do these things if you feel comfortable with yourself. In the blog posting below, I am going to give you 7 things it’s okay to do around guys.

7 Burp

Hey, after a guy finishes his food, doesn’t he burp sometimes? Then I believe it would be okay for you to burp – that is, if you feel comfortable doing it. Personally, this is not something that I would feel comfortable with doing in public. What I am saying is that if you burp, it does not make you any less of a girl. If the guy cannot accept you for those bodily functions, then he probably isn’t worth it.

6 Cry

Crying is something that humans do. Yes, even men cry. If you were to cry around a guy, even if the two of you are not dating, then you should not feel ashamed of it. This is just a way for you to show your sadness, so don’t fight those tears just because you are in the presence of a guy.


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5 Play Games

Girls, it is okay to play video games around guys. Although, he might just take you up on the offer and challenge you to a duel – don’t go easy on him. If he does challenge you to a duel, make sure you show him exactly what you are made of.

4 Eat

Some girls are afraid to eat around guys – I used to be the exact same way, so I can understand it. However, as time grew, I am no longer afraid to eat around my guy. I have learned that it does not make you any less of a girl if you were to eat – so have at it! If you like that big juicy steak, then go for it.

3 Show Anger

Girls, if you have anger, then it is okay to show that anger. Of course, you don’t want to go hitting and knocking anyone out. There are “nice” ways that you can show your anger.

2 Laugh at a Corny Joke

If someone tells a corny joke and you personally find it to be hilarious, then don’t be afraid to hold that laughter in - laughing at a corny joke is not going to hurt you one bit.

1 Curse

As long as there are no little, innocent ears around, I do not see any problem with cursing. Of course, again, if this is not something you do not feel comfortable doing, then don’t do it.

Those are 7 things it’s okay for a girl to do around guys. Many girls are under the impression that it is wrong to do the above things in front of a guy. I know that some of them, especially number 7 can be a bit embarrassing, but it’ll be okay if it slips out. Hey, it just means the food was good! So, answer my question – what do you believe it is okay to do?

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