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8 Annoying Things Men Assume about Women ...

By Melanie

It can be very annoying when someone or a group of people make assumptions about others before even getting to know them properly. Often enough these assumptions can be completely wrong. Here are 8 annoying things men assume about women.

8 Hours to Get Ready when Going out

Hours to Get Ready when Going outPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Whenever a man sees an attractive woman they often think that it has taken her a long time to prepare. This is not always the case, this woman could be naturally beautiful and it could only take her a few minutes to throw on some clothes, brush her hair and she is ready. As far as assumptions go this can be one of the most annoying especially when some men take hours pruning themselves and applying moisturiser.

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7 That You Need a Dummies Guide to Sports

That You Need a Dummies Guide to SportsPhoto Credit: SusanGary*GloriousNature*

When it comes to sports women are often not taken seriously by men, it is assumed that they know nothing about sports and are just watching it because of attractive men playing. Okay in some cases this may be correct but there are a lot of women out there that probably know more about sports than some men.

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6 Just Because You Own a Pair of Ovaries You Must Want Kids

Just Because You Own a Pair of Ovaries You Must Want KidsPhoto Credit: neloqua

Not all women want kids and some women actually dislike children, yet men still hold a belief that all women want is babies. This assumption can be very annoying because in some cases men assume this right from the beginning and are then shocked when they find out their female partner does not want kids.

5 Easily Pushed over

Easily Pushed overPhoto Credit: sweetcaroline?

Often there is a belief held by many men that women are absolute push overs and that a man can easily walk over them. In my opinion there are many women out there that are the complete opposite of this, and I am sure that there are some women like this but again there are likely to be men like it too.

4 Pink and All Things Fluffy

Pink and All Things FluffyPhoto Credit: Juan Carlos Arzola

Right from the moment that babies are born, if it is female then it is believed that they will only like pink and fluffy items. Of course there are women out there that like this but not all of them and there are also men that like pink and fluffy, so a statement like this can not be generalised to all women.

3 Women like to Be Waited on Hand and Foot

Women like to Be Waited on Hand and FootPhoto Credit: farbenblind

Yes some women do like to be waited on hand and foot but many of us do not. There are women that like to do things for themselves without the help from men and some women will even refuse point blank to let a man help them. So again this can be a dangerous and annoying assumption for a man to make.

2 Attractive Women Are Always in a Relationship

Attractive Women Are Always in a RelationshipPhoto Credit: stjernesol

There seems to be an assumption that a really attractive women must be in a relationship. In my opinion if many guys believe that, then would that not mean many attractive women are single? A lot of men actually find it extremely difficult to approach an attractive woman because for a change it makes them feel vulnerable.

1 If They Cry, They Must Be Depressed

If They Cry, They Must Be DepressedPhoto Credit: ?iana?

Men do not seem to understand that sometimes women, of all ages, cry for no apparent reason. There does not have to be a reason, sometimes it may be because we are sad or happy and other times it is just due to the fact that we want to cry. Sometimes we have no control over our hormones, especially around the time of our periods. Men often mistake this for depression when it is not; it is just a way to let out your emotions.

Here are 8 annoying things men assume about women. The general belief tends to be just because one or a few women are like this, and then all must be the same.

Top Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

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