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8 Things Men Don't Get about Women ...

By Melanie

At times, men can be understanding. However, there are other times where they are confused as confused can be. It’s not the guys fault, it’s just because women are totally different from men. Now, I am going to give you 8 things men don’t get about women. Take note that some guys MAY understand certain things on this list, but others may not.

8 Hair Ties

Why don’t women create one, central place for their hair ties? Why is their a bobby pin sitting on the stove? It’s a known fact that women tend to leave hair ties, clips and pins laying throughout the house. I know this is something I am guilty of.

7 High Heels

Some men do not understand why women wear these things. Guys can’t figure out who this is supposed to fool, since they already know how tall or short the woman is. They look at this as a bunch of blisters and aching feet.

6 Hot Wax Vs Bugs

I heard a silly question from a guy the other day. He asked why women are so afraid of bugs, yet, they go in the other room and pour hot wax on their body so that they can rip their hair out by the roots. Yeah, I guess he has a point there.

5 Drama

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Guys never seem to understand the drama that girls enjoy getting themselves into. If they wanted to go watch an episode of Dawson’s Creek, then they would do this. They don’t understand this he said, she said stuff …

4 Texting

Guys don’t get why so many women are crazy over texting. I look at forums and blogs that are by men and they always mention women and texting. They say they really do not get when women text in the car while driving. Why can’t they just wait until they get home. Life is much more important than that phone, right? Watch the car in front of you …

3 Having Babies

Sure, some men do understand this, but there are other men that do not. Men don’t understand why a woman gets so caught up in having a baby. They don’t get why she has to schedule a certain time to have sex. Sometimes, women can get a bit too obsessed with this and it can get in the way.

2 Says One Thing and Means Another

Says One Thing and Means AnotherImage source:

Men don’t understand why women say one thing and mean another. They never understand women and their minds. I don’t think they ever will.

1 The Attitude

Men won’t understand the hormonal changes in a woman. Point blank. Need I say more about this?

There you have 8 things men don’t get about women. It’s okay, because there’s many things that we do not get about men. So, girls, name a couple of those things that you never understood about a man …

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