8 Things Guys Find Annoying about Girls ...

This blog is not intended to put anyone down. It’s more of a humor type blog. First of all, guys find the littlest things in a girl annoying, just as girls find the littlest things in a guy annoying. It’s always a battle of the sexes. Below, I am going to tell you 8 things guys find annoying about girls. Take note that not all guys find every single one of these things annoying, but from reading other blogs where guys talk, I have learned what they complain about.

8. They Look in the Mirror Too Much

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I concede to this one. Girls look in the mirror a lot, don’t they? I have heard guys complaining about this one before.

7. They Wear Too Much Makeup

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“She wears way too much makeup.” Guys don’t really care about makeup. Some guys will complain when a girl wears too much makeup. Either the blush is too dark, the eye shadow is too dark, or the lipstick is too loud.

6. They Talk Too Much

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Yeah, I’m not a big talker, which is odd, because I’m a girl. Girls who talk way too much actually get on my nerves as well, so I would understand where the guy is coming from on this one.

5. The Way They Laugh

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They don’t like loud, hysterical laughs – it’s annoying to say the least. Guys have a tendency to talk on blogs about the way some girls laugh. Hey, don’t post bad comments about me on here, I’m just telling you this stuff.

4. They Shoot down Video Games

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Some girls do shoot down video games. I am a girl gamer and even I find this annoying. I would pick playing a game over going to a party any day and this is what kept me from getting into trouble. When a girl says negative things about video games, some guys will get aggravated.

3. Too Many Shoes

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This one is meant to be funny. A guy finds it annoying when he opens up a closet to put his own shoes away (as if!) and finds no room for his shoes, because it is packed full of her shoes.

2. Whines about Everything

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Yeah, guys don’t really like girls who complain about everything. Sure, it’s hot outside, it’s itchy, but don’t sit there and complain about it the whole time. Trust me, if you are a whiner, then the guy is going to complain to his friends about how you complain a lot.

1. She’s Always Attached to Her Phone

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Oh yeah, guys do find this annoying. How many times have I heard guys complain about their girlfriend and that darn phone and how she is always attached to it. She’s attached to it while shopping, while driving in the car, sometimes while on the toilet (LOL!) and he wouldn’t be surprised if you slept with it at night.

Those are 8 things guys find annoying about girls. It’s not fair, is it? I know. So, let’s make this an even post. Quickly tell me 3 things that girls find annoying about guys!

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