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7 Traits Men Find Attractive ...

By Fawn

This post was a little bit more difficult for me to do than most, since I had to ask most of my guy friends to tell me what theyfind attractive in a woman. Trust me, it started some very interesting and awkward conversations but I pushed past all that to get the inside scoop for you, my favorite ladies. So, without further ado I give you the 7 traits that most men find attractive.

1 Humor

HumorPhoto Credit: Luma Zee

Every single guy that I asked said this was the first thing that they looked for past the physical aspect when they were looking for a girl. The abilityto laugh is very attractive to men. Just remember: although it is good to be serious about some things, sometimes you just have to let loose and remember that life is sometimes really funny.

2 Intelligence

IntelligencePhoto Credit: Eduard Titov

That's right, not all men are attracted to those stupid girls that don't know anything but how to flip their hair. Men are attracted to smart independent women that they can carry on a conversation with. So when you're looking for a guy, it's not the time to flash a smileand pretend like your head is full of air.


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3 Flexibility

FlexibilityPhoto Credit: Dyxie

As my friend Mike says "I mean it's nice if she can fold herself into a pretzel, but it's better when she's not totally stuck in her ways." Men like it when we can compromise on some things and it makes therelationship so much happierand smoother. Don't be too difficult. It's all right to hold on to some things that are really important to you but remember to pick your battles.

4 Confidence

ConfidencePhoto Credit: Konstantin Sutyagin

Men like women that like themselves. They don't want a girl that thinks she's the greatest thing that will ever happen to them but they do want someone who has a high opinion of herself. Just remember that there is a thin line between confidence and cockiness. Confidence is sexy, cockiness is annoying. So straddle that line carefully.

5 Drive

DrivePhoto Credit: photo_graphical

This does not mean that you need a license! This means that you need to know what you want and go for it whether that in your careeror otherwise. Men like it when you have goals that you work towards. Whether it's the drive to get a new car or move up a little higher at work, you need to set your eye on something and go for it.

6 Spontaneity

SpontaneityPhoto Credit: dlemieux

That's right, throw caution to the wind and just do something out of nowhere. Sometimes planning makes men feel a little stifled. So throw those plans away occasionally and surprise your guy with a day that isn't planned at all and you'd be surprised athow romantic it actually turns out.

7 Nurturing

NurturingPhoto Credit: Captured Soul Photography

This does NOT mean that you need to be his mother but occasionally men like to feel a little taken care of. So next time he's sick come bring him a box of tissues and make him a bowl of soup. Play with his hair or rub his back sometime. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to return the favor.

Well ladies, I know that each and everyone of you is funny and smart and driven and confident and everything else anyone could ever want, so none of these traits are going to be hard for anyone to see that you have. Just remember, be yourself because no one else can! Any comments or questions ladies? Let me know down below!

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