7 Best Careers to Choose ...


7 Best Careers to Choose  ...
7 Best Careers to Choose  ...

Are you looking for some help choosing your career? Well, with today and technology advancing every day, you will find there is a lot that you can go into. However, we are here to tell you about some of the best careers to choose today. Listen what I got to say about my 7 best careers to choose from.

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Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeper Photo Credit: Royal Mile

The career isn't far fetch to be in today's world, because there is so many zoo's hiring help or teaching younger people to take care of these animals. You don't have to go into too much college to be a zoo keeper. All you need to do is have a kind heart and find the right person to get yourself into the door of taking care of the most exotic animals today.



Lawyer Photo Credit: almonkey

With this career, you will find that you need to learn law and go through a few years of college. This is a good career to go through, because being right and making sure justice is served is easy to know from the heart. However, you need to learn how the law works and how you need to help your clients.


Web Designer

The career of a web designer is one of the best ways to make money on your own or with a company. There is hundreds and thousands of people looking for websites to be designed. You can do freelance websites and make money off them. You can sell websites already made. This career is one of the best ways to go. Although, it takes some knowledge with HTML and other internet language.



Veterinarian Photo Credit: israel21c_internal

In this career, you may find it takes a heart for animals and some determination. You can get into this through college for a few years. When you are in the career, you can take care of any animal that you enjoy taking care of. You can take care of reptiles, exotic animals or birds. Of course, the household animals such as the cat and dog can be something you take care of. This would be a very good idea for anyone that likes animals.



Do you have a taste in music? If you do, then you should consider being a Musician. You will find that this career is easy to do and takes knowledge of singing or playing an instrument. There are always restaurants or other attractions needing some sort of band. Or you could become a rock star. This isn't far off, unless you don't have the talent.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design Photo Credit: Giu Guerra

First off, did you know that graphic design is one of the best careers to get into right now? Well, with graphic design, you can create peoples logos, videos or video games. Yes, we mentioned video games, because there is a lot of development in video gaming industry that needs help with images and new ideas. Another good idea for a career.


Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Photo Credit: noodlepie

You might ask what freelance writing is. Well, this is something that takes very good grammar and a lot of talent to finding research. It can be related to article marketing or even writing for companies that make websites. Not all webmasters that make websites do their own content. To make it to the top of Google and have tons of traffic, you need content. That is where freelance writing comes in. You do articles for money. You don't need college or any type of degree to become this. All you need is yourself and clients to write for. You make as much as you can complete in a day.

We hope this list of careers helped you get into motion with your career. There are tons of things to be today in this world and choosing the best could be difficult. Did any of these choices help?

Top Photo Credit: dinoadventures

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Aprille, I think these were good careers to pick! Not sure why everyone is so against them, but don't worry about it. I think they are realistic. For a lawyer, this is realistic. Normal people can become this. Stop acting like these are hard to get jobs! If you put your mind to anything, you can do it. Melanie Fitzpatrick

Then why limiting yourself to 7 jobs only?

I think being a vet would be a semi-depressing job. I mean, yes you get to work with animals, but you have to deal with animals that have been abused, tortured and are simply not fit to live anymore. You would have to put them down and treat them probably in ways you wouldn't think of. Good article, but maybe you should have added a couple more realistic jobs...

These are some of the most rediculously competitive careers ever. I'm an animal science major- vet school is statistically more difficult to get in to than med school, and zoology/exotics is the most competitive division. There are also VERY few schools (only one that I know of) that offer exotic animal management and training degrees. Music and graphic design take not only training, but natural talent and a marketable appeal These are all great jobs for sure, but I feel like there should be some more realistic options as well

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