7 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview ...


7 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview ...
7 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview ...

Your Clothes

Your Clothes Photo Credit: Girly Girl Bags

The clothes you wear to the interview is very important. When you walk in the room, what does everyone notice? The clothes you are wearing. Obviously, you do not want to wear sweatpants to an interview. I always liked to dress up for the occasion. A pair of dress pants paired with a dress shirt and jacket should do the job.

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What about Your Hair?

What about Your Hair? Photo Credit: Amy Dunn

If you are being interviewed for a job, then it is important that you do your hair, even if you have never done it in your life before. You do not want to go to your interview looking like you have never taken care of your hair. Personal appearance at an interview is a big thing. If you are a girl, then a simple French braid would work.


Know What You Are Talking about

Know What You Are Talking about Photo Credit: rhirhian

When you fill out that application, do not put things that you really do not know, because chances are, the big guy is going to ask you questions pertaining to what you put on the application. They are going to test your knowledge. Study for the interview! Yes, read up on the skills that is required.


Don’t Look Nervous

Don’t Look Nervous Photo Credit: LaMadrileña

I know, it is hard not to look nervous, but you should try to look comfortable with your surroundings. The boss loves it when someone is not nervous, is well dressed and knows exactly what they are talking about. So, hold your shoulders straight, look straight forward and keep going!


Rehearse before the Interview

Rehearse before the Interview Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - https://www.cubagallery.co.nz

You never thought of rehearsing before an interview? Well, everything doesn’t have to be improvised. Prepare for questions that the interviewer is likely to ask. For example, what are your strengths and weaknesses?


Show up Early

Show up Early Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - https://www.cubagallery.co.nz

Oh, definitely show up early. If you show up for that interview late, then you might as well kiss it all goodbye. Showing up early is definitely a good thing and I am pretty sure I do not need to tell you why.


Sell Yourself

Sell Yourself Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - https://www.cubagallery.co.nz

This is your twenty five second commercial. Get ready to sell yourself! Explain to them why they should choose you. Do you have abilities for the job? Knowledge? Talent? Skill? Tell them about it.

In the end, do not forget that you should follow up with the interview. Send a note or e-mail thanking them for the time and tell them that you would like to know your status on the job. If you do not get a response on this job, then call them on the phone and ask. So, do you have problems with being nervous at an interview?

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