10 Tips to Ace That Interview ...


10 Tips to Ace That Interview ...
10 Tips to Ace That Interview ...

I really hate interviews. It takes me forever to decide on a suitable outfit, and I tend to babble under pressure...It’s so hard to stay looking professional, and being composed and intelligent! So it shocked me when I heard that it takes less then fifteen minutes for employers to decide whether to employ you...What can they possibly tell in that little time?! Here’s my top tips for acing that interview...

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Avoid ‘Common’ Phrases

Common phrases like “This is my dream job!” will be ignored by recruiters. It’s not that they don’t believe it, but almost every applicant will say it, and once you’ve heard it that many times, it becomes unbelievable and worthless. Think about other ways to express why you are perfect for the job, and why you want it. They’ll be much more appreciated!


Don’t Ask about Vacations

While recruiters will like you asking questions about the job, don’t ask about vacations! This is something you can negotiate once you are offered the position. Most application forms will ask if you have a holiday planned within a set period, and allow you to give details if so. Fill this in honestly, and if you are interviewed, you know they are prepared for your absence. Any holidays that they don’t ask about, you can tell them about later!


Have a Coffee before

I’m terrible at fiddling when I’m nervous, and got into the habit of taking a bottle of water or a coffee into interviews, to give me something to sip at and fiddle with. It turns out that employers hate this! It shows disorganization, and unprofessionalism, and even disinterest. Calm your nerves by leaving yourself some time to drink a coffee and relax before you go, and don’t take a drink.


Leave the past behind

Leave the past in the past, and when asked about your old job, don’t talk badly about your old manager or colleagues. Talk about the job objectively, picking the parts of the job you were good at and making these a focus point. Think about why you want the new job before you go in, and avoid reasons centering around money. Instead, talk about increased responsibility, or promotion opportunities. You’ll look much more together, and ready for a better job!


Dress Well

A common recruiter complaint is that female candidates dress too sexily, and aren’t employed due to this. So just recently, I’ve been closely monitoring what my friends have been wearing to interviews...you’d be surprised how many times there is a low cut blouse or slightly-too-high skirt! While looking good will boost your confidence, your aim shouldn’t be to seduce your new employer, or look like you will cause trouble. Instead, look professional and capable, and the recruiter will respect you much more!


Stay Focused

Remember where you are throughout the interview. While its good if you start feeling comfortable, you only have a limited time to show you are focused and professional, so don’t talk to your recruiter like they are your friend. Be polite, but treat them as a client, and charm them without getting too close. This will show you in your best light!


Turn off Your Phone

A late ‘Good Luck’ or early ‘How did it go?” text could completely ruin your chances! Employers are looking for signs that you will be good at your job, and fit your environment. So if you can’t turn your phone off for an interview, you are unlikely to be able to turn it off and focus on a job. If you need to have it on, in case of emergencies, clear this with the company before hand. Try to turn it off, though, and make sure it will stay off. A mistimed call, and all your work is out of the window!


Casual Clothes

Whatever the dress code, dress up for an interview. Even recruiters wanting an employee for a casual wear job want to know that you can look professional, and it shows that you’ve made an effort and want the job, too. Recent studies showed that over 80% of recruiters wouldn’t employ someone who attended an interview in jeans, so save the denim for later!


Arrive on Time

91% of recruiters wouldn’t consider someone who was late for their interview, so think about what could make you late, and make sure it won’t happen on the day. Go to the centre to see how long it takes, and get up a little early to cover any issues that may arrive. If you show up late, you will give off the impression that you’ll always be late, and that costs companies money. It might be harsh, but the interview is the only thing the company can go from, so forget the excuses and arrive on time!


Sell Yourself

Most men I know are amazing at this, but women seem to struggle more. Think about what makes you amazing, and a great candidate for the job. Then go in with confidence, and sell yourself! Impress your recruiters, and make sure you get the job!

Since learning these tips, I’ve felt much more confident about interviews! They really are easy when you know how. I’ve bought a gorgeous new suit which makes me feel amazing, and I can’t wait to interview for my favourite jobs! Have you got a tip for having great interviews? Please let me know!

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So glad you mentioned turning off the cell phone. You can't stress it enough. I would say don't even bring it, if you can bear to part with it for a few hours. Drinking water or coffee before an interview is a good idea, but be wary of over doing it. There's nothing like sitting opposite the boss and losing your focus because you've got to pee so badly. And if coffee gives you the jitters, monitor your intake. It's so easy to drink cup after cup while passing away the time until you leave for an interview. Arrive early, like you said, and leave yourself time to find a bathroom.

great tips :D i'm job hunting right now, and anything that helps even a little in the market right now is PERFECT! xx

I heard somewhere else that they want you to say yes to a drink so they have some time before they begin or something like that. That you should say yes so they will have something to do.

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