7 Things You Must do before an Interview ...

Besides the obvious things, such as knowing what time your interview is to take place and wearing appropriate clothing, there are still at least an additional 7 things you must do before an interview. Check out the following list and see what you think. If I’ve missed something you think is important to do before an interview then be sure to let me know!

7. Relax

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If you are the nervous type, then this might be higher on your list than it is on mine. I don’t usually get nervous before an interview; however, I still understand the importance behind being relaxed. People tend to think clearer when they aren’t stressed out. They also speak in complete sentences and are less likely to make mistakes. All of these are important for having a great interview!

6. Eat Something

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Even though a rumbling stomach is a natural reaction for the body to have once food has been completely digested, no one wants to hear your stomach making this noise while you are both in the middle of an interview. Eat at least a granola bar or a few crackers and wash them down with a glass of water. Hopefully this small amount of food will tide you over until the interview is finished.

5. Write down Questions to Ask the Interviewer

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The interviewer is going to be looking for someone who is interested in the position he/she is applying for. Try to think of some questions about the company you are applying to work at. Find out information about how things run and how the employer got started. If you truly aren’t interested in how things run and you are merely looking for a job to pay the bills, then try to come up with at least a few generic questions so you can interact on a more sociable level with the interviewer.

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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You don’t want to sit though the entire interview trying to stifle a yawn; only you will know the yawning is due to a lack of sleep and not because you are severely bored by the interview. Exercise during the day or work outside so you are tired enough to fall asleep soundly at a reasonable time the night before the interview.

3. Practice Doing an Interview

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Film yourself answering some mock interview questions with a friend and take not of any quirks you notice. Do your eyes constantly shift around the room? Are you fidgeting with your hair or shirt during the interview? Is your speech clear or do you mumble your words at the end of a sentence? Watch the faux interview with a friend to see if he/she can pick up any odd behavior as well. Hopefully this tip helps you and doesn’t make you so self-conscious that you are stressed out by the time the interview rolls around.

2. Know a Bit about the Company You Are Interviewing with

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The more you know about the business you might become a part of, the easier it will be to do the interview. You’ll be able to ask questions that will help you to figure out if you truly want to work for this particular company or not. It will also be much easier to ask questions about a company you know something about without sounding awkward.

1. Look at Yourself in a Mirror

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If you have a chance, take one last look in the mirror to make sure your hair isn’t sticking up, there aren’t flecks of food in your teeth, your shirt is buttoned correctly, and you don’t have anything hanging out of your nose.

Well, this is the list of 7 things you must do before an interview that I have found to be useful. What do you think?

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