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By Sheila

I'm sure you all agree that when it comes to a blog, personal or otherwise, the thing that will attract any potential reader first is your blog's looks. If you have a Wordpress blog or are thinking of starting one but aren't quite satisfied with the themes available there, is your answer.

Essentially, is a blog that focuses on developing Wordpress themes and better still, improving your blog's performance through code and design tweaks. They started off as a website for free Wordpress themes but now also cover tips and tutorials for Wordpress which is a lifesaver for someone like me. The best part is that you can learn how to create a Wordpress theme from scratch which I think is pretty fantastic! I'm not brave enough to attempt it just yet but if you are, go for it. Do remember to check out their contests section, the** free themes section** and the Market section where you can buy some awesome themes if you aren't satisfied with the free choices. Some of my favorite themes on include Market theme which not only looks adorable but allows you to use your blog a a marketplace, Music theme whose black and red color scheme I just can't get over and the Gossip theme which is FANTASTIC for celebrity blogs (which as you know is my thing :D).

Blog away, Ladies!

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