10 Tips on How to Start Working Online ...


10 Tips on How to Start Working Online ...
10 Tips on How to Start Working Online ...

I first started freelance writing many years ago after my contract I had with the military expired. I was making $18.00 an hour and then went down to making $0.00 an hour. It didn’t help at all, then I discovered freelance writing and now, I am making WAY more than $18.00 an hour. I have the chance to make whatever I want. If you are disciplined, then the sky is the limit when it comes to making money. I have been working online for many years. Particularly, in the freelance writing field. I have established a lot of good relationships with clients. I actually have full-time clients who gives hundreds of articles each week, every week. Below, I am going to give you some tips that I go by. This will get you started with working online.

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Look for Legit Jobs

Look for Legit Jobs Photo Credit: tomswift46(No more than 2 invites at a time) Away

When you first decide that you want to look online, figure out what exactly you want to do and then make sure they are legitimate. Some jobs include freelance writing, selling stuff online (that can be successful), telemarketing and more. Take a look at Freelancer.com and look through the different categories that they have. Is there something that catches your eye?


Do You Plan on Writing Articles?

If you have never written articles before, then you need to create a sample. This way, the client will have something to look at. If they hear you are a beginner and you do not give any samples, then they may not take your offer seriously. However, you have to start somewhere, so create some articles and use them for examples.


If You’re Interested in Writing, Here Are Some Sites

If You’re Interested in Writing, Here Are Some Sites Photo Credit: StevenBrisson

Apart from writing for clients, I also like writing articles for sites. However, the clients are more important to me and writing articles for sites is something that I like to do during my spare time. Some good writing sites include ehow.com (you have to go through DemandStudios to write for them now) and AssociatedContent.com. You also have Helium.com. Take a look at my eHow.


Work for Google

I have heard that Google has Internet agent positions open. You can work from your own home and they pay $14.50 an hour. You will need to commit to working ten to 20 hours each week. You need to apply for the position by visiting leapforce.com or lionbridge.com. These are the companies that do the hiring, give the exam, and pay you.


Make Your Own Blog

A good blog site to start at would be blogger.com. Start your own blog, write about what you want to write about and don’t forget to put Adsenseon it! You may also want to sign up with some affiliates, such as Amazon, and promote products. You get a percentage of each sale. Also, with Adsense, if you post it on your site, only post one ad on each page. Posting two or more will lower the price you get per click.



I have a friend who gets a payout each month from Hits4Pay.com. It’s not much money, it’s around $50.00, but all in all, this is something you could do during your free time. I was thinking about trying it out, but I don’t get much free time to do something like this.


Start a Website

You can start a website and turn it into profit. This is what many individuals are doing today. You can hook Adsense to your site and start bringing in money. The more visitors you get, the more money you make, so you will need to get your name out there. This is why I get many customers wanting articles – to promote their site.


Never Pay

If someone asks you to pay to work for them, then walk away. You should never have to pay to work for someone. I have made tons of money online and never had to pay to work for someone. Remember this tip during your job search. Do not fall for it.


Write a Resume

Write a resume and send it to the company when you find one that you want to work for. You should be prepared in advance and show them that you are ready to start and are serious about it.


When Writing – Ask if They Would like You to Write a Sample for Free

When Writing – Ask if They Would like You to Write a Sample for Free Photo Credit: bettybl

From time to time, writers come to me and ask if they could write a sample for free and if I like it, I can accept them as a writer. This always catches my attention and I say it does not hurt to try. So, I give them the keyword with instructions. Make sure you follow instructions. If I get a writer who doesn’t even appear like they tried to follow instructions, then that is a big turn off. However, if I see that they are trying, then I give them a chance. I also watch and make sure they turn in the article by the deadline. For sample work, my deadline is 24 hours. If you are given 24 hours, you should get started right away. The faster you turn it in (with high quality) the more likely you will be to catch their eyes.

I love catching the eyes of new clients and showing them all I have. I have clients who I write for full-time, then I have clients that allow me to issue out work to my writing team. Put these two together and I have formed a business all from the comforts of my home! Remember, when you are working online, you have to give it all you have to get somewhere. I didn’t get to where I am today by just writing a couple of articles a day. I wrote over 50 a day. Some of you will say it’s not possible, but it was possible for me and I maintained the high quality. Do you know why? Because I gave it all I had and I satisfied a lot of clients who to this day are still around. If I did it, then you can do it too! I recommend freelance writing if you enjoy writing. If you have any ideas, do share and I will spread the word around.

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