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8 Tips for a Successful Employee-Boss Relationship ...

By Aprille

In order to run a successful business and to have a good career both employee and bossneed to establish a strong relationship. Here are 8 tips for a successful employee-boss relationship.

8 An Employee Needs to Show That They Can Be Relied

An Employee Needs to Show That They Can Be ReliedPhoto Credit: melissa?lakhena

It is important that an employee shows their boss that they are reliable, that work will be completed on time and that they will show up to work. This allows the boss to realise that they have good employees and they are likely to rely on you a lot more for bigger projects.

7 A Boss Should Encourage and Not Demand or Tell

A Boss Should Encourage and Not Demand or TellPhoto Credit: Kristian D.

In my opinion a good boss should always encourage their employees to reach their full potential; they should not tell or demand. By using encouraging language they are likely to create a good relationship with their employees and those employees will want to help out their boss.

6 Consider Each Others Needs

Consider Each Others NeedsPhoto Credit: LucasTheExperience

In order for a successful employee-boss relationship you both need to put the effort in. This may be easier if you have worked together for a long period of time because you are likely to understand each others behaviour by now. New working relationships can be difficult because you are still learning each others working needs, so it is important to speak to each other right from the beginning.

5 Try to Accommodate Your Boss, Weaknesses Too

Try to Accommodate Your Boss, Weaknesses TooPhoto Credit: mattbeckwith

A good employee will always take into consideration their boss’s working methods, they will know how their boss likes work to be completed and they also understand their boss’s weaknesses. If you do understand what your boss’s weaknesses are then try to help out where necessary.

4 Be Open to Positive and Negative Feedback from Your Boss

Be Open to Positive and Negative Feedback from Your BossPhoto Credit: plussignproductions

As an employee you are likely to receive both positive and negative feedback from your boss and you need to be able to take this on board. Listen to what it is that they tell you; if you listen and do not agree then make them aware of this in a constructive way. You may even be able to compromise on issues raised.

3 Honesty is Very Important

Both of you need to try to be as honest as possible with each other, sometimes as a boss this is not that straightforward because sometimes you are not allowed to tell employees certain pieces of information. However, if a mistake is made be honest about it this is likely to make the other person respect you more for your honesty.

2 Set Deadlines That You Know You Can Keep

Set Deadlines That You Know You Can KeepPhoto Credit: Frederic Poirot

This tip is mainly for employees, when your boss asks when you will be able to complete a project set a date that you know you will be able to stick to. In my opinion if you are unsure of what your workload is like when they ask, check first before giving your boss a date. By doing this you will also show your boss that you like to organise things properly.

1 Maintain Professionalism

Maintain ProfessionalismPhoto Credit: cnmark

At all times during your working profession it is important to maintain professionalism with your boss or employees. In my opinion it is important that you show an interest in each others lives outside of the workplace but at the same time understand that there needs to be a distance kept between the two of you.

There you have 8 tips for a successful employee-boss relationship. These tips should help you to improve any existing employee-boss relationships and also help to establish new ones.

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