8 Challenges of Working from Home ...

When I graduated from university, I told myself that I would strive to do something that I love and feel passionate about. I worked in several companies before deciding that the cubicle life is just not for me. I wanted the kind of work that would allow me to have control over my creativity and skills. The road I followed led me to being a home-based freelance writer. So now, here I am, writing from the comfort of home. You might think that working from home is all fun and freedom. However, as I soon found out, there are many challenges and problems you can face with working from home.

1. Getting Projects

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Probably the biggest problem of working from home is getting actual work. You need to know where to find clients and employers. Once you find them, you have to determine their reliability with regards to payment and steady work. Once you determine their reliability, you need to convince them to hire you.

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