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When I graduated from university, I told myself that I would strive to do something that I love and feel passionate about. I worked in several companies before deciding that the cubicle life is just not for me. I wanted the kind of work that would allow me to have control over my creativity and skills. The road I followed led me to being a home-based freelance writer. So now, here I am, writing from the comfort of home. You might think that working from home is all fun and freedom. However, as I soon found out, there are many challenges and problems you can face with working from home.

1. Getting Projects

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Probably the biggest problem of working from home is getting actual work. You need to know where to find clients and employers. Once you find them, you have to determine their reliability with regards to payment and steady work. Once you determine their reliability, you need to convince them to hire you.

2. Unstable Income

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You should expect a relatively unstable income when you start working from home. Your earnings can vary depending on your projects and how much you can actually accomplish. You should always have enough savings to get you through times when earnings are low.

3. You Become the Whole Company

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When you work from home, whether as a freelancer or a home business owner, you need to be ready to fulfill the tasks of the different departments of a company. You have to be the marketing, human resource, information technology, and accounting departments all in one. You have to do all this on top of your work tasks.

4. Time Management

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It is easy to relax and forget about work when you are working from home. You need to be able to manage your time properly if you want to get anything done. You have to set your own schedule and have enough motivation to finish your tasks. In creating your schedule, you should also set aside time for personal and family time.

5. Setting Boundaries

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For some people, setting boundaries is a big challenge. It is quite understandable because it can be easy to mix home and work life when you are based at home. You need to make it clear to yourself and to the members of your family exactly when your work and personal time is. Make an effort to adhere to the boundaries you set.

6. Handling Distractions

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Working from home can bring so many distractions. A few examples of these distractions are television, kids, and chores. You need to know how to handle these and other potential distractions. There is no boss to reprimand you when you slack off so you need to be firm with yourself.

7. No Social Interaction

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Being a home-based worker can be quite lonely. There are no officemates to talk to during downtime. It’s just you and your own company for weeks on end. If you are a social person, this can be a great challenge. However, you can counter this by setting up meetings with clients and associates.

8. Loss of Benefits

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The great thing about working in a company is the benefits you get. When you choose to work from home, you should know that you are letting go of these benefits. If you purchase them for yourself, they can actually be expensive. Make sure that you are earning enough to cover health insurance and to allow yourself some vacation time and sick leaves.

Working from home is not all it is cut out to be: you don’t just lounge in front of your computer in your pajamas. After all, even if you are in the comfort of your own home, you are still working. There are downsides and challenges that you need to know and consider. However, when you do manage to find that balance between home and work life, you will find that working from home can be a very rewarding experience.
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