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7 Lessons to Learn from Losing Your Job ...

By Aprille

I’m sure not many people sit around and wonder what they will do if they ever lose their job. It’s not something that most people plan on happening. I’ve thought of 7 lessons to learn from losing your job, but of course these don’t pertain to all types of employment. I tried to be as generic as possible, in order to cover most occupations.

Table of contents:

  1. problems are opportunities in disguise
  2. it's always good to have a resume ready
  3. it's important to stay optimistic
  4. how to exit gracefully
  5. it's best to have some money saved in the bank
  6. there are many more things to be thankful for
  7. nothing is permanent

7 Problems Are Opportunities in Disguise

I’ve found that opportunities can often come from something bad that has happened. Losing a job can sometimes open the door to a bigger and better job. Sometimes there is an opportunity that is the result of a job loss. You just never know what might happen and there actually might be something important that you otherwise would have missed out on.

6 It's Always Good to Have a Resume Ready

Having a current resume on hand is usually common with people who are job hunting. Very rarely do people who are currently employed maintain their resume. I’ve made it a habit to jot down changes from year to year, just to make sure to keep my resume as accurate as possible. This technique also helps me remember what changes have been made in the past year, which is easier than trying to remember what happened 5 years ago.

5 It's Important to Stay Optimistic

I try to remain optimistic with all aspects of life. It’s hard at times, especially when I encounter pessimism from loved ones. Losing a job is something that is rather difficult to be optimistic about. Try to look on the bright side. See if you can find at least one thing to be optimistic about and go from there. Being optimistic tends to open your eyes to more positive things and one thing can easily lead to another.

4 How to Exit Gracefully

Turning your desk over and knocking the water cooler down as you leave the building isn’t going to leave a very good impression with your ex-employer. Remember that you might need a reference later. If your position was terminated on good terms, then you should be able to request a good reference from this past boss. You also never know who your ex-boss might be connected with. If a future employer hears that you trashed the office before you left, he might be less inclined to hire you out of fear that you have an uncontrollable temper.

3 It's Best to Have Some Money Saved in the Bank

Being prepared for the worst financial turn is something we all hope for, but can’t always pull off. Financial gurus suggest setting aside at least 10 percent of your paycheck each time you receive it. Whether you get paid weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, try to deposit at least some of this in a savings or checking account. You’ll be very grateful later on if you should suddenly need these funds.

2 There Are Many More Things to Be Thankful for

Even though a job is usually how you pay the bills and keep your household running, there are more important things in life; family, physical health, and your sanity. Counting the many things you are thankful for might be just what you need to put your life in perspective.

1 Nothing is Permanent

I’m sure most people learn this lesson right away. People who thought they would be employed by the same company for the rest of their lives learned that there is no guarantee when the economy went down the toilet. This is the hardest lesson of all and I think it can be one of the most painful ones as well.

I hope you don’t ever have to encounter one of these 7 lessons to learn from losing your job. If you have had the unfortunate experience of losing a job, how did you handle it?

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