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7 Best Work Perks ...

By Amber

Most likely we all have different views of what constitutes a great work perk. Animal lovers might consider the ability to bring their dog to work with them as a work perk. High powered executives are often rewarded with perks in the form of monetary bonuses. Perks vary widely according to accepted practices in different industries. The list below reflects this author’s idea of the 7 best work perks possible.

1 Discounts

Especially in the retail sale industry, employees are often given a purchase discount. The amount of the discount can be anywhere from 10% to a whopping 40% off retail prices. This is a rather traditional work perk that has been around for years, and it's one of my favorites!

2 Health Benefits

In the past most large employers and many smaller ones paid for health coverage for their employees and offered discounted coverage for their family members. Today this is a perk that is becoming rarer due to tightening belts and lowering business expenses. It continues to be one of the most sought after work perks.

3 Paid Vacation

The best jobs still offer paid vacations to employees. Like health benefits, paid vacation perks are becoming a rare commodity as employers strive to lower their business costs.

4 Maternity Leave

Yes, this does apply to all employees not just females. Federal law mandates that employers must allow for time off due to maternity; this applies to both mother and father. Some companies go the extra mile and offer leave in excess of what the law requires. This may not be an important perk to some, but younger workers with potential for family growth find this an attractive perk indeed.

5 Financial Incentives

Industries such as car sales for instance, often feature cash bonuses or incentives for those who reach certain levels of sales. Executives often receive cash bonuses based on the performance of their company as a whole. The recent economic meltdown brought to light some of the huge bonus amounts certain executives were taking home. The man on the street was generally appalled to learn of the billions of dollars some financial leaders were receiving as perks. Since the meltdown new restrictions have been placed to prevent the siphoning of monies in the guise of perks. Financial perks are highly desirable yet harder to attain than in the past.

6 Pets

Companies large and small have recognized the importance of keeping the work force happy. One of the most popular work perks is the ability to take your pet to work with you. Allowing employees to bring their pets to work costs the employer nothing and production generally soars; a happy work force is a productive work force.

7 The Latest Generation of Perks

While most of us are happy to just have a job in these hard times, many technologically savvy members of the new generation are being offered perks that include such items as iPods, large flat screen TVs, free tuition, free travel benefits and more. This new generation of perks is unlike any seen before.

Work perks are still available; you just have to search for them. What are the best perks you have experienced at your job?

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