7 Handyman Jobs That I Should Know ...


7 Handyman Jobs That I Should Know ...
7 Handyman Jobs That I Should Know ...

I have found that getting a handyman to do just one or two small jobs around the house can be extremely difficult. Either you end up paying through your nose or you have to wait until you have a long enough list of jobs to entice a handyman to come to your house. That is why I have come up with a list of handyman jobs that I should know.

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Fixing Minor Leaks

Minor leaks tend to spring up around the house every once in a while. Unless it looks like a large project that involves tinkering with the layout of water pipes around the house, fixing minor leaks is surely one of the handyman jobs that I should know. It will certainly help save a number of rugs and carpets in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Changing Bulbs around the House

It is true that many of us have light fixtures that are too high up on the wall or on the ceiling and need a little bit of effort to reach. Also, modern light fixtures make it rather difficult to change the light bulbs within. However, every time a bulb goes out, I wish I didn’t need to call a handyman to change it.


Replacing Light Fixtures

Similar to the problem of replacing fused or broken light bulbs, replacing light fixtures is one of the handyman jobs I should know. It will certainly save me a lot of money every time I decide to change the light fixtures in my house.


Cleaning the Yard

While it is easy to handle the basic cleaning of a yard, I still need to call a handyman when it comes to cleaning out the gutters or when I need to give my yard an intensive seasonal cleaning. Considering how much money I spend on this annually, this is certainly one of the handyman jobs I should know.


Minor Painting Jobs

Occasionally, we all need to repaint our walls, our exterior walls, our porch floor or our garden furniture. These are not difficult tasks and can be easily learned and mastered over a short period of time.


Assembling Ready-to-assemble Furniture

Most of the furniture we buy tends to be ready-to-assemble. We do this to help save money, but we blow up all our savings on hiring a handyman to assemble it for us. This is surely one of the handyman jobs I should know.


Doing Minor Repairs

Sometimes, the leg of a tale gets wobbly or the arm of a chair comes loose. It is harrowing to call a handyman for such minor jobs. I sure would prefer to know how to fix these minor problems on my own.

Learning these handyman jobs will not only save me a lot of money that I spend unnecessarily every month, it will also give me the satisfaction of knowing that I can take care of small problems around my house. Considering that this feeling is priceless, I really should bend my mind towards learning these handyman jobs that I should know.

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at least I know how to change bulbs... hehehe

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