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5 Skills You Need ...

By Meream

1 Make a Simple Dressing

Knowing how to make a simple salad dressing is something that you absolutely need in your life. Let's start with buttermilk dressing.

2 Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

And you need to do this as you age. Read up on words of wisdom from the ever-so-beautiful Kim Cattrall.

3 Fix Your Relationships

This is something that you really must know how to do. If you don't know where to start, you can read up on our tips here at All Women Stalk. Check out the link, too.

4 Grow Something

I am not the most skillful person in a garden but I do wish I can grow fruits or vegetables. For those who have time to start a garden, here are tips you need for growing squash.

5 Bake Something

If you are as stylish and gifted in the kitchen as Emily here, you're all set for life. Try her challah recipe!

What other skills do you suggest we try out?

Top Photo Credit: jamailac

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