7 Tips on Getting a Pay Rise ...

By Rebecca

Girls, once you’ve been in a job for a while, and you still haven’t got a raise, it’s natural for you to start feeling a little antsy. Studies show that very few of us are actually willing to ask our bosses for a pay rise, and, ladies, that is where the problem lies. If you want a salary hike, you need to request one directly and because that sounds hard, I’ve put together a list of 7 handy hints to make this tricky business just a little bit easier.

1 Arrange a Meeting

Tell your bosses that you’d like to schedule a performance review with them to talk about your career trajectory and compensation. Try to secure a meeting about a week in advance as this gives you plenty of time to prepare.

2 Do Lots of Homework

Research pay packages in your industry thoroughly before you present your case to the board of your superiors. You need to show that you’ve done all your homework, and that your argument is grounded in well established evidence.

3 Don’t Be Greedy

If you’ve had a pay rise in the last year or so, then chances are you aren’t actually due for another one. An attitude of entitlement will get you nowhere in situations like these, ladies. You need to show that you play fairly by the rules, and that according to the system, you deserve an increase.

4 Consider the Quality of Your Work

Be prepared, when you go into your performance review, to sell your strengths to the members of the board. Treat as you’d treat a job interview; try to make it clear why you are an indispensable asset and one which will continue to make a lot more money for the company in the future.

5 Be One Step Ahead

Try to anticipate any objections your bosses might have, and come up with intelligent, well-planned responses to politely show them why, regardless of their reservations, you still deserve a pay hike.

6 Don’t Forget That the Answer Might Be No

There might be a whole range of reasons why you can’t have a pay rise, girls, most likely among which will be the economic crisis. If the board does turn down your request, experts advise that you ask for another form of compensation: more time off, for example, or a company car.

7 Approach the Issue Intelligently

Regardless of what the board decides, you need to treat this issue with intelligence. Try to give an impression of objective, professional detachment. Don’t cry, ladies, and don’t beg: this is work, remember, and emotional responses are not appropriate.

What do you think, ladies? Do you have any tips to get us a pay rise? If you do PLEASE share; I’m sure we’d all love to hear them!

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