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7 Steps to Set up a Home Office ...

By Mercy

More people are working out of their homes than ever before. On one hand, there is a huge boom in home based businesses and on the other, the internet has provided many with virtual jobs. If you too are considering working from home, here is a guide that outlines the steps to set up a home office.

1 Choose the Right Space

The right space for your home office depends mainly on the kind of work you are doing as well as your living situation. If you are expecting clients to visit you or if you have a large family with children, you will surely need a separate room. On the other hand, if you live alone and are working online, your requirements will be different.

2 Layout of the Office

Choosing the right layout is one of the most important steps to set up a home office. Consider your job and whether or not you will have clients visiting you. You can choose between an L-shaped, U-shaped, V-shaped or parallel arrangement of your work space. Choose the one that gives you enough surface area so that you can keep everything you need within reach.

3 Choose Office Furniture

Another of the important steps to set up a home office is to furnish it appropriately. Not only do you need to house all your office equipment and reference material, if you have clients visiting you, you will need to make it look elegant and professional. Considering your own comfort is also important.

4 Choose Office Equipment

You will need to choose office equipment based on the kind of work you do. You are surely going to need a full computer setup, internet setup, phone lines, and perhaps even printer, scanner and fax machine.

5 Buy Office Supplies

You will also need to buy on some generic office supplies like paper, notepads, pens, pencils, envelopes, staplers, cartridges, files and folders. Ensure that you stock up on enough office supplies so that you don’t have to rush out every time you run out of paper.

6 Set up Lighting

Lighting is one of the important steps to set up a home office. Too dim as well as too bright lighting can be a strain. Ensure that your home office is appropriately lit with table lighting as well as wall and ceiling lighting.

7 Make It Pleasant

Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in the office. Place a few items in the office that you find pleasing- a work of art on the wall, a few potted plants in the corners, etc. Your visitors will also appreciate the effect.

It is true that if you are working at home, there can be many distractions. That is why, it is important to set up a professional home office so that it enables you to be more focused and productive. Following these steps to set up a home office will help you achieve that goal.
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