6 Tips to Make Your Home Office Stand Out ...


6 Tips to Make Your Home Office Stand Out ...
6 Tips to Make Your Home Office Stand Out ...

For most people home offices are just isolated spaces with a single chair and table. Most people never really take time to invest in these places of work. This might be due to various reasons. For one, they are rooms only used for a few hours and for nothing serious, maybe a little reading away from the noise in the house.

The home office dynamics are now changing. After the lockdowns, most people are now working remotely more than ever before. Even as the world opens up, there are no signs that employees will be returning to the offices.

Now that your home office is most likely the permanent workplace, it’s time to spruce it up. Let it become a comfortable place that reflects your personality while also keeping you motivated. Here is how to create that dream office at home.

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Find the right location

Most of your hours are spent in the office. You need to find the right place that allows you to work optimally. Instead of stuffing yourself into a small room that can only allow a tiny desk and chair, look for a spacious room. Consider turning one of the guest rooms into your new home office.

The location of the office should also be away from traffic and other distractions. If your work involves clients dropping, create an office large enough to allow for the guest seats.


Let the office complement the home

Working from home does not mean you create your office to be an island within the house. Instead, find a way to make it feel like a part of the rest of the house as much as possible. For example, let the decor and decoration style in the home office be the same as the ones in the other rooms.

The home office furniture should be in line with the ones in the main house. Use a similar chair or table design and cover colors. This helps you remove the dread that comes with work. Instead, work will feel more like any other regular task you do at home.


Invest in reliable internet

If you are looking for a seamless work from home experience then reliable home internet is non-negotiable. When you work from home you rely on the internet to complete tasks, communicate with colleagues, learn new things, among other uses. It is quite frustrating to be in a zoom meeting only to keep missing out on details due to a buffering internet.

With several internet service providers available, look for one that offers a reliable and cost effective internet connection. The internet should be fast enough and with less downtime. Consider asking some of your neighbors for the internet options they use and their experience then settle on the most functional.


Invest in a great chair

It can be tempting to pick one of the chairs from the dining room. This may be a means to save on the costs or just being tired to put in the extra effort. However, given that you spend several hours in the office, you need to make it comfortable. Without proper support, you will soon grow back problems that will compromise your work and health.

Invest in ergonomic chairs that offer the appropriate support when sitting for extended hours. The chair should come with an adjustable height, 360-degree swivel base, adjustable seat depth, and built-in lumbar support.


Make the office inspiring 

Most companies have realized the impact of office space design on productivity. That is why most of the top companies invest in high-end office designs and comfortable workspace. Transfer the same to the home office.

The first step to achieve the office buzz is to paint it the color you love. If you are looking for a calm workplace go for soft colors like seafoam blue. If you are okay with the lively workplace, then do not compromise on the shouting colors. Work with whatever will get your work moods lighted.

The other way to create an inspirational office is by giving yourself a view. Consider facing the window for the fresh air whenever you look outside away from the intense work. For a windowless room, add a painting or a piece of art. You can also add some homely accessories for a more comfy feeling.


Let there be light

Lighting is another crucial factor for productivity. A well-lit room keeps you awake and ready to awake. This is different from a dimly lit room that is uninspired as you will always be feeling tired. Make use of the natural light by adding mirrors to reflect the light. The window view also helps with the lighting. 

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