12 Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Space ...


12 Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Space ...
12 Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Space ...

In a 2021 trend report by the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA), 90 percent of Americans agreed their outdoor living spaces were more valuable than ever due to the pandemic. 

This trend seems just as relevant nowadays as more people leverage their outdoor areas to maintain physical and mental health.

As such, your outdoor living space doesn't have to be dull and stagnant. No matter the size, you can turn it into an enjoyable area for relaxation and other holistic wellness activities.

If you’re unsure where to start, we list some ways to revamp your outdoor living space below.

Image by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

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Divide Your Free Spaces Into Sections

Don't treat your outdoor space as a single area. Think of various ways to make different areas or corners valuable and functional. By dividing the space into different sections, you maximize the available space and organize the area for various purposes.

You can section the space with artificial turf, decks, or small walls. Add a pergola or trellis to set a focal point while directing the traffic flow.

Consider building a “she-shed” in one of these sections to enjoy a backyard getaway. She-sheds, the female answer to a man cave,  offer versatility and customizable features to mirror your style. You can also build them in any size suitable to your outdoor section.


Go Green

Sustainable lifestyles are the rage among conscious homeowners. These lifestyles are ways of living that help mitigate environmental degradation, such as waste and pollution.

One way to live sustainably is by incorporating greenery in your outdoor space. Create a vertical garden, add potted plants, or hang baskets within the area. You can also consider building a garden bed if you have a larger space.

Not only does greenery add exciting accents to your outdoor space, but it also helps improve air quality and reduces the heat island effect. Moreover, gardening is an exercise that can maintain your physical fitness.


Add Colorful Accents

If your indoor walls lack color, extend the vibrancy outdoors by incorporating colorful accents. Bringing color into the landscape doesn't have to be costly and stressful. You can find colors in many sources, such as furniture, paint, and pots.


Incorporate Seasonal Decorations

Brainstorming a theme can take time, so draw inspiration from different seasons. Updating your outdoor space when seasons change is a great way to show the shift in time.


Connect Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Another way to transform your outdoor space involves extending your interiors into the exterior. Bringing your interior colors and textures to outdoor areas helps make the space feel larger.

Use similar rugs, furniture styles, and accessories to blend the two spaces seamlessly. You can also extend the interior flooring to the exterior space to make the area look more prominent. Remember to ensure the weather resistance of exterior materials.

At the same time, arrange your exterior furniture to look like it extends from the interior space. For example, mimic the style and arrangement of your living room sofas, chairs, and tables to stretch the look into the patio. This approach creates a seamless transition, making both spaces connected and cohesive.


Set the Nighttime Mood With Lights

Even with bright furniture, accents, and colors, the nighttime ambiance of your outdoor space may fall flat. Illuminate it strategically with lights to introduce visual interest after dark. 

If you want a cozy atmosphere, use hanging lanterns, pendant lights, or string globe lights with a warm glow-dimming effect. You can also introduce the space and build anticipation by lighting the pathway with outdoor lanterns.

Moreover, you can use cool, soft, and bluish light bulbs to mimic the blue tones of moonlight. If you have a garden, use soft uplights to accentuate the shapes and textures of the trees, plants, and flowers.

Image by Vu Anh on Unsplash


Install a Statement Floor

Outdoor flooring can significantly impact your outdoor space's look, finish, and feel. You can use patterned tiles, parquet decking, or herringbone bricks for a stylish statement floor.

You can also use composite decking, outdoor tiles, artificial grass, plastic deck tiles, rubber flooring, playground flooring, and rubber pavers. Whatever you choose depends on the weather conditions, suitability, space, and preference.


Remove Unnecessary Items

Revamping your outdoor space isn't necessarily about decorating. Sometimes, your exterior might only need deep cleaning to bring its life back. Thus, before doing anything to your outdoor space, clean and remove all the unnecessary items.

However, removing the unnecessary doesn't mean throwing them all out, as there might be items worth recycling or repurposing.

Here's how to declutter your outdoor space:


Make it Cozy With an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can set the tone and define your outdoor space. They are accessories that can enhance the aesthetic and usability of your exteriors.

When choosing an outdoor rug, you should consider the size, material, pattern, color, and weather resistance. These aspects help you pick one that provides style, comfort, and usability.

Here's why your outdoor rug should provide style, comfort, and usability:


Design the Outdoor Walls

Your exterior walls are as important as your interior ones. Here's how to accentuate your outdoor walls:


Mix and Match Different Elements

Making the most of your outdoor space involves experimentation. Rather than limiting yourself to similar styles and designs, try mixing and matching different elements to create more visual interest.

For example, combine multiple chairs with different materials, such as metal and wicker, to bring texture and contrast. You can also include accessories, like cushions with different colors, patterns, and designs.

Furthermore, consider mixing elements with different structures. For instance, combine three accent table pieces in various sizes. The key to achieving this visual interest is arranging elements in odd numbers, either three, five, or seven.


Make Your Outdoor Space a Free Staycation Haven

Although revamping your outdoor space can take time, it is a worthwhile investment. If you're living on a budget, you won't have to spend a hefty amount on outlandish vacations because you have one in your home.

It doesn't matter how your outdoor space looks. As long as it lives up to your aesthetic, is comfortable, and functional, you can have your private staycation haven at no cost whenever you want.

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