10 Ways to Decorate Your Garden Parties ...

By Kati

10 Ways to Decorate Your Garden Parties ...

Garden parties are fantastic. Not only do you get to show off how great your garden is, but you can enjoy the outdoors while socializing with friends, and barbeques and wine put everybody in a great mood. Want to give your garden a bit of extra kick for your party? I’ve been researching ways to spice up my garden without a complete re-decoration, and here are my favourites...

1 Refresh Your Furniture

Refresh Your Furniture Photo Credit: Boxwoodcottage

I love my garden furniture, and I wouldn’t want to replace it. It can start looking a little too familiar after a few parties, though, so I love this idea of refreshing it without changing it for good! Find a fabric that you love, and buy a large cut of it. Then, using fabric scissors, cut a piece that is big enough to cover the backs of your chairs. If there is already fabric on the chairs, remove this, and use it as a guide. Sew it to fit the chairs, and it should just slide on. Hey presto, great new furniture, and you can even make a range of covers for different occasions! Just make sure that the fabric is waterproof, or the pattern could be spoiled if it rains.

2 Lounge in Style

Beanbags are fantastic. From sofas to single seats, you can get them in any shape, and they come with covers which are simple to clean. Which makes them perfect for putting in your garden, creating extra seating for your guests, and a very welcoming garden. I’ve got a few pink ones, and some contrasting black ones, which are always the best seats in the house!

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3 Prepare for Picnics

While barbeques are great, sometimes you just don’t feel like the effort, so being prepared for picnics is a good idea! Find some more great waterproof fabric, and hem the edges. Make it big enough to fit easily in your garden, with room for food and a few friends. If you want a more luxurious picnic blanket, buy a wool rug, and some PVC. Line the underside of the rug with the PVC, and hem it as normal.

4 Get Ready for Winds

We’ve all used those typical stripy wind-breaks while on the beach, but you can make a much cuter version for your garden. Using garden canes and pretty fabric, these are really easy to make, and you can make yours in colours that really set off your flower selection, or match your furniture. I’ve made a super cute blue one, with a boat on it!

5 Light It up

Look for unique ways to light up your garden for when the sunlight starts to fade. Lanterns are very cute, and you can get them in a variety of patterns and colours, and floating candles are a great idea as long as you read the instructions and make sure they are safe! If you are feeling a little strapped for cash, try investing in some fairylights to spread around, but be careful about putting them near flammable items and make sure you take them in before it rains!

6 Grab Some Bunting

Bunting is fantastic. It’s cheap, quite easy to make, and it can really change the look of your garden. Choose pink and blue for a baby themed party, white for a wedding, heart shaped buntings for a romantic evening or anniversary...use a good quality fabric, hem each shape after cutting it, and sew them all to a strip of fabric, overlapping a little. If you are feeling really creative, try adding personalized names to the bunting too!

7 Pretty Yet Practical

I’ve always wanted to try growing herbs, and earlier this week I found some gorgeous pots with such pretty patterns on...and it occurred to me that I could plant my herbs in these instead of normal brown pots, and put them in the garden. It looks great! Not only does it give the garden some extra style, but it adds a bit of my personality to it, and I can’t wait for my herbs to grow!

8 Make Cute Menus

Make Cute Menus Photo Credit: LizzyJJ

Recently a friend bought me some bottles of wine that came in such cute bottles, I couldn’t bear to throw them out. So before my last barbeque, I measured the bottle, and printed a ‘menu’ of the drinks and food on offer onto some coloured card. I decorated it, laminated it and stuck it to the bottle...I tried it on all four, and then placed flowers in each one, with water. They were a huge hit! Now I’ve taped some of my favourite poems on to them...they are great and almost free way to glam up your garden parties.

9 Kitsch Cutlery

Kitsch Cutlery Photo Credit: Linda6769

The equipment you use to serve your food makes a big difference to how people perceive it. Sandwiches served on a paper plate are unlikely to be enjoyed, but serve them on a pretty plastic plate and they’ll instantly look more appetizing! Look out for cute cutlery sets in supermarkets, and invest in two matching sets so there is enough for everybody. Then buy any pretty containers and plates that go with your set. Simple!

10 Change Things up!

While beautiful gardens are great fun to view, they aren’t much fun to be in. Make sure that you keep your garden enjoyable, so that people aren’t scared to enjoy themselves! Once in a while, clear away everything, and do something outrageous. Hire a bouncy castle for the day, and invite all your friends around. You’ll be glad you did!

I’ve had so much fun decorating my garden in different ways, and now I’m always thinking about what its next update will be! I love being in my garden much more, too. Have you got an idea for decorating a garden? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: **Mary**

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