7 Ways to Prepare for Spring


7 Ways to Prepare for Spring
7 Ways to Prepare for Spring

I don't know about you, but my favorite season is spring! I love the freshness - the new feeling that it brings! It isn't too warm, but not too cold...the spring showers are so refreshing! The windows can be opened and you can enjoy the crisp breeze as it catches the curtains and freshens the indoor air. And the flowers blooming are a sight to behold! Here are seven tips for spring preparation - it's right around the corner!

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Spring Cleaning

I know, it isn't the best part of spring, but it must be done. And just think about how fresh your home will be when it's all done. But as for now, in this last bit of Winter, it would be a good idea to stock up on cleaning supplies and such for when Spring cleaning comes around. Make sure to have lots of Windex since the windows get cleaned inside and out. Oh, and a couple cans of Pledge too! Winter dust build-up can be a chore! I like to take the first two weeks of spring, and dedicate them to cleaning all the winter clutter out! Then, it's done!


Garden Supplies

I love to garden! I enjoy getting out and digging in the dirt and planting me some beautiful flowers to enjoy throughout the summer! It's great to already have all the potting soil and other things I'll need before the time comes to use it. Several weeks before, I will grab a bag of dirt here, or a pot there - that way when I'm ready, I am ready!


Allergy Survival Kit

You know it's coming - pollen party! It's good for the bees, but not so good for those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies. Thankfully, we have medications that make it seem as if allergies do not even exist! Have that medicine cabinet stocked and ready with your favorite allergy products, so when the pollen starts flying, you can boldly meet it head-on, knowing you're protected!


Spring Break Torture

The kids love it and the parents dread it! Spring break comes and the kids are ready to go wild! Make sure you have lots of snacks and activities for your little crazies! Rainy spring days are not fun when you have a bunch of kids suffering from a major case of cabin fever. Being ready with games and activities may be just the thing that saves your sanity before it's too late!


Trim the Shrubs and Bushes

Winter is the perfect time for shaping up your shrubbery outside. You don't have the leaves to worry about affecting your view of the branches needing cut. Plus, doing it around this time of year provides for a better chance of plant survival.


Prepare Your Wardrobe

What better reason to buy new clothes then a change in seasons! Okay, back to reality, ladies! Oh, I know, you can’t just go out and buy new clothes with every season, but it was fun to dream for a few seconds, wasn’t it? Now that your feet are back on the ground, it’s time to pull out the spring clothes packed away for the past year, and do some evaluating. Who knows, after inventory, maybe you will get to buy a few things!


Home Accents

If you are one on those who enjoy changing decor with each seasonal change, you will enjoy this part of preparation. It’s time to think about brighter colors, fresh linens, and spring updates for you home décor. I love this exercise, don’t you?

Spring is on the way! I love it when the trees start blooming again, and the grass begins to peek through the winter carpet of snow. What do you to get ready for spring blossoms?

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