7 Signs of Spring ...


7 Signs of Spring ...
7 Signs of Spring ...

I’m definitely feeling the onset of spring where I live and the list I’ve provided below includes the top signs I’ve noticed lately. Of course the sudden lack of snow and assurance from the weatherman that spring is here are signs that everyone seems to notice! Here are 7 signs of spring for you to be on the lookout, in case you are wondering if it will ever show up in your neck of the woods!

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Stir-crazy Kids

The kids start running in and out the front door more often when spring is near. There seems to be a larger quantity of kids present here as well. It’s as if springtime causes kids to congregate in groups more, at least at our house anyways.


No More Frosty Mornings

I don’t miss scraping the windshield each morning. The frost on the grass was nice. The sunshine made the yard sparkle like it was coated with glitter, but I’d prefer no frost. I have to wait until the last frost is over and done with before I can begin planting my garden, so a lack of frost is a great thing in my opinion!


Warmer Weather

Who doesn’t get excited over warm weather? I’m not talking about scorching hot weather; I’m by no means ready for that! But, warm weather is always a plus in my book. I consider the weather to be warm when I don’t have to don a thick coat to go outside. As long as I can comfortably wear long sleeves when I go outdoors, then I consider the weather to be warm.


Baby Animals Begin to Appear

I love this sign of spring! Baby bunnies, kittens, chicks, and puppies, you name it and I adore it. Baby animals just seem to be synonymous with springtime!


More Birds Singing

I’ve noticed a surge of birds lately. I know the closer to spring we get, the more variety of birds I will be able to hear singing in the treetops. The bugs come out which in turn attracts more and more birds to the yard.


Budding Leaves

When leaves begin showing up on the trees I know it’s more than just me who is noticing that spring has arrived. If the weather is warm enough to get that tree sap running, then spring must be more than a wishful thought for me!


Emerging Plants

I love seeing the little bulbs I planted last fall starting to shoot through the dirt in my garden. The crocus, daffodils, and hyacinths are all starting to send green leaves up out of the cold ground. The more plants I begin to see, I know the closer I am to springtime!

I hope these 7 signs of spring have made their way to you or are very close to appearing. To me, there’s nothing more exciting that springtime! What do you like most of all about the onset of spring?

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I always welcome all these signs...

With baby animals comes actual babies! A lot of my friends are due with their babies in spring this year!

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