8 Pleasures of the Warmer Weather ...

By Alison

Although we are not enjoying the nicest weather here in Spain at the moment, it won’t be long before the warmer weather is here. I love it! As soon as the temperatures start to warm up, so does my mood. Some people prefer cooler temperatures, but I’m definitely a warm weather girl. Here’s why I enjoy the arrival of spring, and feeling the days warm up.

1 The Sun

We’re lucky that we get quite a lot of winter sun in Spain, but northern European countries aren’t so lucky. But spring is here! I really enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun (not directly, I like to take care of my skin!). Still, it’s lovely to see the sun shining even more often as the warmer weather arrives.

2 Wearing Shorts at Home

Psychologically I feel really good when it’s so warm, even in April, that I wear shorts around the house. I’m not sure that my legs look so good, but comfort and feeling good is far more important!

3 Open Windows

Admittedly, city air isn’t the freshest, but I still enjoy being able to open the windows when we get warmer weather, even if only for a short time. It gives me that feeling of positivity, plus it allows the air to circulate and freshens up the house.

4 Longer Days

Now, isn’t it great when the days start to get longer, and you can take advantage of the extra daylight? It’s light when you come home from work, you can enjoy an evening walk, maybe even sit in the garden for a bit. Plus you save on lightbulbs and electricity bills!

5 Not Feeling Cold

Winters in my part of Spain are definitely much warmer than in the UK, but all things being relative, it can still feel quite cold in the winter. That is something that I really don’t like! I really look forward to the first day it’s warm enough to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt, for me that is definitely a sign that the warmer weather is arriving.

6 Dressing is Easy

Getting dressed in summer is simplicity itself. There is no need to put on multiple layers, or spend ages trying to match your outfit. Just pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or slip on a dress. For footwear, it’s sandals or flip-flops. Very little thought or effort required!

7 Feeling Positive

For sufferers of SAD, spring and summer can bring a marked improvement in their situation. Everyone else can feel more positive too. It’s not really surprising that as spring progresses we make new plans and feel more inclined to exercise – I always notice that as the warmer weather arrives, I feel much happier.

8 Being Outdoors

With the cold temperatures and rain of winter, we prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry. Come the spring, though, it’s much nicer to get outdoors, enjoy the garden, sit on the terrace or go for a walk. Cycling or walking is something I enjoy a lot, and a pleasant sunny day makes these pursuits even nicer.

I know not everyone may agree that the warmer weather is better (especially hay fever sufferers), but I’d love it if the temperature was a pleasant 75 or so all year round. That would suit me just fine. What do you enjoy about warmer days – or are you a winter person?

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