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7 Signs You're a Shopaholic ...

By Rebecca

Shopping is fun. No, scrap that: it’s fantastic. But it really shouldn’t rule your life. Especially in the wake of the economic depression, we all need to be thinking more carefully about what we spend our money on. I’ve put together a list of 7 signs your shopaholic. Read on – it might be time for you to rein in your retail antics.

1 Shopping is Your Hobby

Other people go skiing or horse riding. You trawl malls and high streets looking for great pieces. While your friends are learning mandarin and reading great literatures, you’re flicking feverishly through racks of clothes. In short, shopping is what you do in your spare time, for fun. You don’t go to the store looking for something in particular, you go because you like the process.

2 You Buy and Don’t Wear or Use

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Being a shopaholic is, in part, about valuing the shopping experience over the goods that you actually end up buying. Shopaholics tend to make purchases which sit in their cupboards or on shelves collecting dust for years. Sometime, these remain in their packaging complete with tags.

3 You’re Impulsive

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You’ll buy a skirt without trying it on, or a vest in a colour that goes with nothing in your wardrobe. You’re not in the store make intelligent purchases, you’re just keen to buy anything at all.

4 Retail is Therapy

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Every once in a while, we all hit the stores in a bid to soothe hurt feelings or fix a bad day, but if every little snag in your life sends your flying to the mall, chances are you’re dealing with an addiction. In the same way that a smoker will light up, a shopaholic whips out his or her credit card and starts buying when things get tough.

5 You Hide Your Purchases

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If you’re unwilling to show the people in your life the extent to which you shop, your attitude to buying is not a healthy one. Shopaholics often try to hide their purchases from partners, friends and family because they are aware that their behaviour is compulsive and irrational.

6 You Max out Cards

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If you find yourself extending your credit limit or worse, getting new credit cards to pay for your shopping habit, you’ve got quite a serious problem on your hands. Talk to someone about it: life with unnecessary debt isn’t fun.

7 You Don’t Want to Know How Much You Spend

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If you find yourself shying away from bank statements and looking in the opposite direction at the check out it’s a bad sign. It’s important to keep tabs on how much money you have, and also to have an understanding of how much of your cash is directed at new shoes. Burying your head in the sand is not an intelligent way to deal with your finances, and it’s a pretty good indicator that you might a little shopping problem.

So that’s it, ladies: 7 signs you’re a shopaholic. What are your thoughts?

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