7 Signs You Are Addicted to Food ...


7 Signs You Are Addicted to Food ...
7 Signs You Are Addicted to Food ...

Everybody has to eat. It's a natural fact of life! But what if you are planning your life around when and how much food you can eat? What if you are addicted to food? It's more common than people know, and what's worse is that it can be as dangerous as anorexia or bulimia. Overeating can lead to obesity, diabetes and cholesterol problems. Not sure whether you might be overeating or not? There are ways to tell! And there are cures for it. If after reading this article you determine that you may be addicted to food, my advice is to seek professional help soon! Here are 7 signs that you are addicted to food.

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Eating Secretly

It's pretty much universal: People who are addicted to food will go to great lengths to hide it from others. Going out on a drive and stuffing your face, rushing home after work before any of your family gets there to clean out the fridge, or constantly sneaking food into your dorm room and eating it quietly are all big honkin' signs that you are addicted to food. There's nothing wrong with a little noshing around, just don't become completely consumed with it.


Craving "Bad" Food

The excitement centered around starchy, sugary foods make people who are addicted to food crave those foods more. Carbs make the brain release feel-good serotonin, so it's safe to suspect there is a chemical connection too. Do you find yourself wanting more junk foods than healthy foods? All the time? Well, it could be a sign that you are addicted to food.


Putting Food First

Ever notice that you decline invitations to hang out with friends because you would rather stay home and eat? Do you wish that your boyfriend would hurry up and leave so you can gobble down all of your ice cream and cookies? Those are sure signs that you are addicted to food. Making a conscientious decision to put food before relationships or even on the same level is a red flag. If you don't feel like you can eat around those you love, it's not a good sign.


Lying about Eating

People who are addicted to food rarely tell the truth about what and how much they are eating. If someone asks, "Hey, wanna grab lunch?" or " have you had anything to eat yet?" they will answer accordingly in order to get another chance to eat. Even if they have been told to keep a food diary, they may lie about what they write down in order to keep from looking like an over eater or feeling embarrassed by all the food they consume. Are you doing this? If so, you are probably addicted to food.


Feeling Guilty about Eating

Do you ever beat yourself up after finishing a meal that was much more sizable than you needed? Have you ever felt really bad about eating sweet or salty foods? If so, that's a big sign you are addicted to food. People who tend to overeat like that are very harsh on themselves afterwards and promise to never let it happen again. But an addiction to food is just like any other addiction-you have to work on it. It doesn't happen overnight or all by its self!


Panicking when You Run out

If you ever notice yourself checking your fridge and pantry shelves constantly, making sure you always have food in there, you may want to be careful. Panicking when food starts to run out is one way that people with food addictions feed their addiction. Another thing they do is start to freak out when they are almost done eating the food on their plate. It's like they know the rush will be gone after they finish eating and they don't want to deal with that quite yet. This seems to be their only escape from reality and reason.


Carrying Food in Your Purse

I know many women who carry cereal and granola in their purses either because they are pregnant, breast-feeding or have small children. Other people carry snacks because of diabetes, low blood pressure, PMS, or because they are on the go often. This is not meant for you! People who have food addictions carry food for the sole thought of " What if I need to eat and there's no food around?" It's not going to get that bad, trust me. If you notice yourself stuffing candy bars, chips and sodas into your backpack, purse or computer bag, you should take it as a sign you may be addicted to food.

Food addictions are serious business. If you think you may be dealing with one, or know someone whom you are concerned may be dealing with one, please take the steps necessary to find out. It could be a matter or health, emotionally and physically! I hope my article of 7 signs you are addicted to food is helpful to you today!

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Eh I only got one of those signs, which is the carrying food around in my purse. I only carry it around when I go to school, because I don't eat their lunch. I end up bringing x4 as much as I eat though...My friends always want it :P They call my purse the portable vending machine lol

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