8 Critical Signs That You Have Road Rage ...


8 Critical Signs That You Have Road Rage ...
8 Critical Signs That You Have Road Rage ...

Road rage can be a dangerous condition, one that can cause accidents, attacks and other mishaps on the road. It is important to remain calm and reasonable when driving for your safety and that of the people around you. Here are 8 critical signs that you have road rage.

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You Think Anyone Who Overtakes You is Disrespecting You

If you take it as a personal insult when anyone overtakes you, you could be suffering from road rage. Not all drivers have the same approach as you do towards driving and it is perfectly normal if someone overtakes you. It is not normal if you get angry about that and then try to teach them a lesson.


You Make Angry Gestures at Other Drivers

Almost everyone gets irritated with other drivers but the one’s who make angry gestures are the ones who have road rage. It is perfectly normal to get annoyed when some one in front of you does something foolish but most people are able to just let it go. The ones who can’t suffer from road rage.


You Believe Any Bad Driver is a Woman

It is an irrational and unreasonable assumption that women are naturally bad drivers so if you find yourself in the section of people who think like this, chances are that this irrational thinking will apply to other driving scenarios.


You Excessively Use the Horn

Most people rarely use the horn and only resort to it under rare circumstances. If you find yourself using the horn each time you drive your vehicle, you are getting unnecessarily impatient and can be suffering from road rage.


You Yell and Scream at a Driver That Irritates You

Screaming at other drivers who irritate you on the road even if they can’t hear you is an indication that you getting excessively annoyed for seemingly small issues. Today you could be screaming out of earshot, tomorrow you could be following the other driver home and plotting your revenge.


You Try to Get Back at Other Drivers

If you find yourself chasing after drivers that have irritated you and trying to get back at them by cutting them off or suddenly breaking then you definitely have road rage. Reasonable people know the dangers of such behavior and wouldn’t attempt it.


You Flash Your Lights Excessively

Once again this is an indication of your excessive impatience. Everyone is driving at a speed that suits them so most drivers in a hurry try to overtake the slower ones. Excessively flashing your lights just indicates your impatience and irritation.


You Get Angry with Another Driver Every Time You Drive

If you find yourself cursing, gesturing, yelling and chasing after another driver almost every time you drive your car, you probably suffer from road rage and should switch to the bus. Your behavior is dangerous to others on the road so take step immediately to fix it.

Road rage puts people at risk and if you suffer from it, you need to sort out your issues as soon as possible. Hopefully with the help of the 8 signs provided above, you can hasten your recovery process.

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