8 Signs of Guilt ...

Whenever someone lies, cheats or does their partner wrong, they tend to get that huge pain of guilt that flows through their body whenever they are around this individual. Many times, signs of guilt can easily be spotted by the other individual and that can send a horrible feeling through their body as well. In the posting below, I am going to give you 8 signs of guilt that I believe you should watch for …

8. They Start to Buy You Gifts

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Sure, they probably purchased you gifts in the past, but lately, they are starting to buy you more and more gifts. Not only are they buying you gifts a lot more often, but they tend to have a higher price on them.

7. Frequently Picks Fights with You

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By doing this, your partner will have a reason to storm out of the room. That’s all I am going to say about this one. So, just watch it if your partner is picking fights a lot and storming out of the room.

6. Very Moody

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Lately, your partner seems to be very moody. They seem to be so depressed around you, but when it comes time to leave, they seem excited. If you have noticed your partner being very moody, then it is important that you try to talk to them.

5. Stops Paying Attention to You

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Your partner has stopped paying attention to you. If this is happening to you, then it could be a sign of guilt.

4. Stops Telling You That They Love You

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If your mate stops saying β€œI love you,” then this may be because they are guilty of something. Say β€œI love you” to them first and see what they say. It could always be the fact that they are waiting for you to say the three words first.

3. Rather Spend Time with Friends

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People who feel that guilt tend to prefer to spend more time with friends, instead of their partner. Has your partner started to spend more time with his/her friends?

2. More Interested in Reading or Watching Television

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Your partner is more interested in reading or watching television than speaking with you. Sure, this is okay every now and then (we all need some alone time), but if it is happening every single night, then this may be a sign of guilt.

1. Stutters when Talking

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When your partner is speaking with you, it seems as if they stuffer a lot. If they did not normally stutter, then this may be a sign of guilt.

Of course, these are not always the signs of guilt – these could be signs of other things. Perhaps your partner just needs someone to talk with. So, despite it all, ask your partner if he/she would like to talk about something. If they make it hard for you to ask them in person, then send them an email or write a letter and place it where they will find it. Does your partner have any of these signs that I just mentioned?
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