8 Signs of Child Abuse ...

Child abuse is something that makes me absolutely furious. I just don’t understand how an adult can hurt a child. My best friend grew up in a very abusive home and has tried hard to give her children the best childhood ever. Working with kids, I’ve seen my share of child abuse cases. 8 signs of child abuse are listed below and remember that abuse is obvious not only with children, but with the adult involved as well.

8. Child and Parent Rarely Look at or Touch One Another

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I know not all families are as close as mine, but most parents will at least hold their child’s hand for safety or give some sort of farewell sign; a pat on the head, a light rub on the back or shoulder. When I was in preschool, I would see parents arrive with their kids walking 10 to 20 feet behind them. As soon as the child was inside the door, the parent was gone. No hugs or kisses goodbye and not even one word was spoken. The little kids always seemed so sad too.

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