7 Signs You Have an Addiction Problem ...


7 Signs You Have an Addiction Problem ...
7 Signs You Have an Addiction Problem ...

When it comes to addictions, you have gambling addictions, behavior addictions, alcohol addictions, cocaine, hallucinogens and prescription pain killers. Right now, I am talking about drug addictions. Any drugs. Whether it is t street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, you need to get help. It is sad to watch a loved one go through an addiction, so if you have an addiction, you should think about your family. I know that addictions are not something you can just walk out on – but you should find a way to get away from the stuff. It’s not as easy as people say it is, so it is going to take some strength. Do you have an addiction? The first step would be to admit you have an addiction. Below, I am going to give you 7 signs you have an addiction problem …

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Changes in Eating Habits and Unexplained Weight Loss/Weight Gain

Changes in Eating Habits and Unexplained Weight Loss/Weight Gain Photo Credit: zakketty3000

That is the drugs changing you. They change your eating habits, whether it is eating a lot or not having a craving for anything. You may have extreme weight gain or you may have extreme weight loss. Either way, it’s not good.


Easily Forgetting Things

Easily Forgetting Things Photo Credit: kennymuz

When individuals are on drugs and are addicted to them, they easily forget things. They can’t remember where they put stuff and so on. Do you have this problem?



When people are one addictive drugs, they are often paranoid. They are afraid of cops and will avoid them. They feel as if they always have to look behind them.



Withdrawal Photo Credit: {meganharris}

Withdrawal happens when the individual does not take the stuff they are addicted to. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are horrible and it is not something that is fun to go through. If someone you know is having withdrawal symptoms, then sitting there yelling at them, telling them they did it to themselves is definitely not the way to go.


Extreme Mood Changes

They go from being really sad from really happy and then back down again. Extreme mood changes is a sign that you may have an addiction.



Secrets Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

When one has an addiction, they have a lot of secrets. They may even try to hide their problem from the people around them. Are you doing drugs without anyone knowing? Do you do them alone?



Shame Photo Credit: Helga Weber

When you have shame, this shows that you have a problem. You know what you are doing, you recognize what you are doing, yet you cannot seem to stop and that is what you are shameful about.

Those are 7 signs you have an addiction problem. I have had some friends go through this and like I said, it’s hard to watch, but you should never point fingers at the person. It would be a good idea to be by their side through the whole thing and tell them you’re there for them. Drugs can take over someone’s body and it’s real sad when it is prescription drugs. People, every day, get hooked on painkillers. What about you? Do you have a problem or know someone who does?

Top Photo Credit: epSos.de

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hmmmmmmmm...........good addiction indeed.

Hey...according to this post I am addicted! Though I must admit not to drug but to internet and allwomenstalk. LOL

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