8 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook ...


8 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook ...
8 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook ...

Everyone loves Facebook. It’s an excellent way to keep in touch, and to regain contact with people you never thought you’d talk to again...it’s been the main factor in a lot of reunions! And with the ability to share news, pictures and videos with family and friends at once, it can make juggling your social life a whole lot easier. It can be very addictive, though, so here are the top 8 signs that you’re addicted to Facebook...

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You Sell Facebook

You Sell Facebook Photo Credit: Laughing Squid

Whenever you meet someone who hasn’t got a Facebook page, you start telling them all the benefits and insisting that they need one. And then setting it up for them. You could be employed by Facebook to sign people up!


You Monitor Your Friends

You Monitor Your Friends Photo Credit: jurvetson

As well as knowing exactly how many friends you have (as well as whether they are male or female, and what percentage is family) you also know exactly how many friends your boyfriend, exboyfriend, and best friend have.


You Don’t Know Your Friends

You Don’t Know Your Friends Photo Credit: FJ Gaylor Photography

If anyone gets more friends then you, then you trawl through their friends list, and add anyone and everyone. And then add people from poker, and Farmville, and Mafia Wars...who cares if you don’t know them, will never speak and live in different time zones?!


You Get Excited about Pokes

You Get Excited about Pokes Photo Credit: Ulrich Rozier

You no longer notice being winked at in bars, or acknowledge the man who just sent you a drink with any more than a smile. What do you care about? Facebook pokes...actual physical contact is so last year!


You Live Facebook

You Live Facebook Photo Credit: SweetToothFairy

You forget that today is your best friends birthday until Facebook reminds you. When you send a virtual hug, a poke and harvest her farm for her. What more could she want!? If she’s lucky, you might even make her a Facebook cake...


You Turn down Invitations

You Turn down Invitations Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

To stay at home and play Facebook games, and join groups. I mean, who needs to go out, which involves having to get dressed and spend money, when you can sit at home in your pyjamas and be sociable from there? Plus, your cafe needs work...


You Love the Applications

You Love the Applications Photo Credit: Zootool

Facebook has made running your life so much easier. Can’t decide whether to go into work? Ask the magic 8 ball app. Pondering if your boyfriend is the right one for you? Asking Facebook just makes it so much easier...and come on, when is Facebook ever wrong?!


Time Disappears

Time Disappears Photo Credit: toughkidcst

You realize that you’ve just spent the last two hours looking at the pictures of someone that you’ve never met, and it’s been weeks since you’ve been outside the house. There’s just not enough hours in the day now you’ve got a whole Facebook universe to look after...

Facebook is far too addictive...I’ve got friends that disappear for weeks when they log on! But come on, how many of us don’t have Facebook open right now? Have you thought of a clue that shows you’re too addicted to Facebook? Please let me know! In the meantime, I’m off to feed my chickens...

Top Photo Credit: Missus L

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