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8 Ways to Tell You're a Shopaholic ...

By Alison

We all like shopping, what girl doesn’t? There are so many beautiful things out there and shopping can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, though, it gets out of hand. Here’s to tell if you might have a bit of a problem …

1 Where’s the Spare Room?

Where’s the Spare Room? Photo Credit: SewPixie

Not only are your wardrobes full to bursting, but your clothes have spread. In fact, you have an entire room devoted to housing your clothes. Are they breeding? Of course not … you’ve bought way too much. So the spare room has now been turned into a walk-in wardrobe which means that you can’t have guests to stay.

2 It’s Not That Much …

You lie about how much you’re spending, to yourself and to others. You tell your partner that you’ve spent much less than you have. Maybe you say ‘but it was only $10’. Fine, but what if you then bought more, or added other things because the first item was so cheap?

3 One in Every Color

One in Every Color Photo Credit: Ru Tover

Yes, you like that top/belt/pair of shoes. But do you really need to have it in all the colors of the rainbow, and every shade in between? All you end up with is a bursting wardrobe and a massive credit card bill.

4 Snip!

Go to your wardrobe, right now, and count how many items in there still have the label on*. What does that mean? You haven’t even worn it. And how long has it been there? Will you ever wear it?

*I have one dress with the label still on …

5 Label Queen

Label Queen Photo Credit: d'n'c

You buy nothing but designer labels. This is all very well, if you have the income to match. If you don’t, then you are probably watching your spending get out of hand. Try to wean yourself off your designer dependency, and just buy a few choice items – preferably on eBay or in a resale shop.

6 Sale of the Century

Sale of the Century Photo Credit: alancleaver_2000

Oh dear. You are possibly the most deluded of shopaholics, with the exception of the above no 5. Just because it’s reduced, doesn’t make it a bargain. Think of it this way - you’re not saving $xxx, you’re SPENDING $xxx. It’s definitely not a bargain if you just buy it because it’s cheap and then never wear it.

7 I Deserve It

Yes, you work hard. So do we all. But if you start equating shopping with reward, then you are well on your way to spending beyond your means. Isn’t it nice to have money in the bank, rather than spending it all, and more?

8 One More Won’t Hurt

One More Won’t Hurt Photo Credit: Andres Rueda

You keep getting credit cards and increasing your limit. This is really dangerous. Even if you are convinced you can pay them back, circumstances might change and your income take a dive. Soon the interest will be mounting up, and your debt increasing. If you find yourself in this position, seek professional help.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these danger signs? Do you know you’re a shopaholic? Or are you reformed – and how did you achieve it?

Top Photo Credit: Beatriz AG

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