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7 Signs of Video Game Obsession ...

By Melanie

I told you, video game is not an addiction. If it has ruined your relationship, then perhaps that relationship was not meant to be in the first place. Perhaps that is what the guy or girl wanted – to get away from you, so they chose to escape and play game all the time. Simply because they knew you would not like it. If your guy or girl likes to play video games, then you shouldn’t try to control this. If it has become an obsession, then yes, you should talk to them about it. If they do not improve, then like I said, it’s their escape from you. It’s not an addiction, but it can be an obsession. I am going to give you 7 signs of video game obsession.

7 When You Don’t Spend Time with Your Kids

When You Don’t Spend Time with Your KidsPhoto Credit: eyemagazine

Yes, this is a big thing. You know you are obsessed when you do not take care of your kids and sit there to play game all the time. Shame on you for this.

6 When You Sit on the Game All Day, Every Day

When You Sit on the Game All Day, Every DayPhoto Credit: snapsnap!

It is okay to have a game day every now and again, but when it starts to turn into every day, then you may have an obsession.

5 When You Prefer Video Games over Sex All the Time

When You Prefer Video Games over Sex All the TimePhoto Credit: sally_monster

I have to say “all the time,” because it’s okay to turn it down at least once when you’re in a game. However, if you’re constantly turning sex down all the time because of the game, then you might have an obsession.

4 When It’s All You Think about

I admit, I think about games a lot, but it’s not a 24/7 thing for me. I know where to draw the line. However, if it’s all you think about, then you may have a problem.

3 When You Isolate Yourself

When You Isolate YourselfPhoto Credit: KumarStudios™

Sometimes, when someone gets too deep into stuff, they isolate themselves from the ther thing that they used to love, such as going outside.

2 You Pee on Yourself

You Pee on YourselfPhoto Credit: JasonTromm

Isn’t that bad? Is this possible? Well, I’ve actually heard of adults doing this. They get so caught up in the game that they forget to go to the bathroom. Ew.

1 When Your Spouse Threatens to Divorce You

When Your Spouse Threatens to Divorce YouPhoto Credit: elinknits

Of course, your spouse could just be losing his or her mind. They could just be jealous that you play video games instead of watching a movie or just sitting there with them. However, if this sign comes up with some or all of the other signs I have listed, then you may have a video game obsession.

Those are 7 signs of video game obsession. Take note that when one has a video game obsession, it does not make them a bad person. Sometimes, people use games to get away from the person they are married to, because there is a problem in the marriage outside of video games. Sometimes, people do it on purpose as they are using it for an escape, which I have to admit, it is better than drugs. Then, you have others who have the obsession just for the heck of it. Are you obsessed with something in your life?

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