7 Signs of Video Game Obsession ...

I told you, video game is not an addiction. If it has ruined your relationship, then perhaps that relationship was not meant to be in the first place. Perhaps that is what the guy or girl wanted – to get away from you, so they chose to escape and play game all the time. Simply because they knew you would not like it. If your guy or girl likes to play video games, then you shouldn’t try to control this. If it has become an obsession, then yes, you should talk to them about it. If they do not improve, then like I said, it’s their escape from you. It’s not an addiction, but it can be an obsession. I am going to give you 7 signs of video game obsession.

7. When You Don’t Spend Time with Your Kids

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Yes, this is a big thing. You know you are obsessed when you do not take care of your kids and sit there to play game all the time. Shame on you for this.

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