7 Signs You Are Not Ready for a Baby ...


7 Signs You Are Not Ready for a Baby ...
7 Signs You Are Not Ready for a Baby ...

It almost seems inevitable that as soon as you and hubby tie the knot, the next big question is when to start having kids. Kids are a big responsibility, and if you have them before you are prepared to deal with the emotional and physical onslaught of sacrifices and choices to be made, it can be a terrible strain on your marriage and your sanity. So whether it's a well-meaning Aunt Sue, or you yourself who's wondering when Junior is gonna pop out, here are 7 warning signs you may want to heed!

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Are You Still in School?

Are You Still in School? Photo Credit: emilysophia?

If you are still in school or thinking of going back to school, it may not be the best time to have a baby. College is difficult enough with the projects, exams, homework, and pressure to keep your grades up, not to mention the financial strain. It would be in your best interest to hold off on the baby until you have graduated and can devote more time to your little bundle of joy!


Are You Willing to Give up Your Free Time?

Are You Willing to Give up Your Free Time? Photo Credit: sienna mooney

After baby comes along, there won't be any more sleeping in on the weekends. No 3 straight un-interrupted hours of TV. No more parties with the girls on the weekends. You may have a hard enough time finding 10 minutes to squeeze in a shower! If you aren't ready to devote 95% of your time to caring for another person, it's probably a good idea to wait until you get your head around that concept.


Are You Ready for the Extra Mess?

Are You Ready for the Extra Mess? Photo Credit: oh so e

With children come alot more mess and alot more responsibility. You know all those stories your mom told you about midnight bottle feedings and toys scattered all over the house 5 minutes after she picked them up? Well, add a few smashed cereal crumbs on the floor and toss in several pairs of dirty socks laying around and you've got yourself the whole she-bang. Don't forget about all your glass-knick-knacks- if you're not ready to move them up to a higher display area, better wait on little Sally.


Are You Financially Stable?

Are You Financially Stable? Photo Credit: Z

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No baby for me any time soon! Nooooo thanks.

I love kids so much but I definitely want to wait until I finish school.

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